This Man Invented the World's First Video Game Console -

This Man Invented the World’s First Video Game Console

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Tom discovers that in the gaming world, it takes a little practice to walk away with first place.



  1. Im gonna build it tooo using logic gates. Thanks! U are still and will always be inspiring people probably until the sun explodes

  2. I'm doing things today I only dreamed of as a kid. Thank you for this wonderful invention Ralph.

  3. rip Ralph Baer he died on 6th december 2014

  4. Bruh I have to thank this dude for everything he was the start

  5. Wish Jerry Lawson could've been there too. He's often overlooked as the father of cartridges. I feel like this is a Bob Kane/Bill Finger fiasco.

  6. good thing that in never hangs even if it is 49 years old,
    my cp is only 3 years old and it really hangs a lot

  7. This lucky man! Interesting that I'm fairly certain the guy starts off giving Nolan credit for Pong, then immediately shows that Ralph came up with it. Haha. Happens a lot. I think Ralph's employer at the time (Magnavox) actually successfully sued Atari over Pong. No surprise. "Pong" isn't too far removed from "Ping Pong," I'm afraid. Should have tried Zong or Klong perhaps. 😉

    R.I.P., Sir Baer.

  8. I wish they would honored Ralph bear in there in 💚🕹🎮Video Game Awards💚💚 before he passed away
    Rip Ralph bear The crestor of Video game , console, controller and industry as he know today 💚💚🇺🇲🎮🕹
    Gaming God 💚💚
    Gaming for life 💚💚

  9. He is the reason why red dead redemption 2 exists….. Respect

  10. My goals are beyond your understanding 😡

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