This game got my video demonetized -

This game got my video demonetized

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Today we play Rust lol, never thought this day would come.

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  1. Dont beat yourself up about your upload streak Fade your videos are the highest of quality.

  2. We need more rust 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. I love the game but I can’t afford it 😔😔

  4. There is a way to change it to underwear or censored

  5. ayeeeeeeeee that outro fire and full of vibe

  6. damn he took yo rock just like he took yo girlfriend damn tuff fade

  7. how have you never heard of rust lol it one of the best games

  8. Ayyy fade I'm tryna see another rust video I enjoyed watching you play it was pretty funny

  9. Dude u can literally sensor it from the very beginning of the game. If it’s not sensors it’s because u wanted to customize your own character and see their junk

  10. Bro u need to play this again but you need to collab with someone good in the game , then you’ll truly enjoy the game

  11. Everyone tough until they hear “rock and torch

  12. *title says that video is Demonetized*. Me: so that was a fucking lie

  13. I'ma definitely need you some more rudy from you g

  14. Bro the girlfriends concluding edit brought back nostalgic vibes. The 90's & early 2000's had some good times.

  15. This man is the Supreme player he plays games but he plays them uniquely

  16. This man real downbad he used living single as his outro music that's tuff

  17. Omg I think I never had a big fan but you are my first one I love you video

  18. Fade was rock solid down there during the making of this video

  19. I remember when rust came out, fml dude just fml

  20. LMFAOO. Video keeps getting demonitizied when i try uploading it. Oh well, Day 2 See yall tomorrow <3

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