This game got my video demonetized -

This game got my video demonetized

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Today we play Rust lol, never thought this day would come.

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  1. LMFAOO. Video keeps getting demonitizied when i try uploading it. Oh well, Day 2 See yall tomorrow <3

  2. I remember when rust came out, fml dude just fml

  3. Fade was rock solid down there during the making of this video

  4. Omg I think I never had a big fan but you are my first one I love you video

  5. This man real downbad he used living single as his outro music that's tuff

  6. This man is the Supreme player he plays games but he plays them uniquely

  7. Bro the girlfriends concluding edit brought back nostalgic vibes. The 90's & early 2000's had some good times.

  8. I'ma definitely need you some more rudy from you g

  9. *title says that video is Demonetized*. Me: so that was a fucking lie

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