they were coming to raid me... -

they were coming to raid me…

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some funny fellas tried to raid me. it didn’t work… at first

The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players, and kill them for meat. Create alliances with other players and form a town. Do whatever it takes to survive.


  1. Nah spoon I know how to tie my shoes with a quickness, I abandoned bunny ears in highschool

  2. i gotta know and im too poor to donate, you got the sound bites, you do bits in rust, you used to drop the bababooey.. are you a stern fan?

  3. Spoonkid out here hustling with these sponsorships! Get that bread bro

  4. Ay spoon don’t feel bad about the bunny ear tie I also tie my shoes that way. My dad told me ppl that tie them the hard way sold their soul to the devil to know how and they just sinners

  5. Dome or raid if you choose dome you a weenie then why the fuck give us an option

  6. Idk why but this is the first time I didn't skip the Sponsor AD

  7. Cletis Eatous The Meetous And Yeetus The Fetus Yeet says:

    Spoon after losing a SAR to a naked: fart noises

  8. Day 25 asking spoonkid to Play with happy cat gaming (i want to hear you talking with him)

  9. don’t worry spoon, idk how to tie my shoes any other way either

  10. I HAVE AN IDEA SPOON. make a box of eokas just in case. I think it’s like 2k metal frags and wood. I’ll give u my Dora crocs

  11. Spoon be like time to do some base upgrading then slap a sheet metal door on

  12. When spoon tries to explain himself after he throws it only makes me feel worse about it

  13. Bunny ears is the best way just make both ears at the same time one ear per hand , it’s the best way

  14. great content spoon! i watched yesterday on my phone account but i'm here for a full view on my pc account. have it on mute on another tab, i hope you understand.

  15. Playing that figaro in the back and thought I wouldn’t notice sheesh

  16. yo spoonkid you should promote mr beast and mark robers team seas.

  17. every spoon kid video is just "guys this is gunna be huge!" 3 seconds pass and he dies immediately. He then follows it with a few soundboard presses and a "cmon guys please". golden content honestly

  18. I need the ttv clip of that t-bag, PLEASEEE!!!!!

  19. Bro ties his shoes with the bunny ears method 😭

  20. Shoulda gone dome i said on twitch and ill say it again

  21. Don’t worry boys, crocs don’t have shoelaces when they throw us in the gamer camps

  22. Honesty I’m here for spoonkid more than I am here for rust gameplay

  23. Is Linda in the comment section somewhere?

  24. MPL $5 for sign up ..u gotta be kidding me 😀😂's gives only 10 Rs that is 0.13 cent's ..and 50 Rs for reference friends that is 0.67 cent's

  25. That bag glitch thing has happened to me so many times its so fucking annoying

  26. I'm sus of anything that gives you "free" cash for playing games, cuz just why?

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