These Are The Greatest Games Of ALL TIME -

These Are The Greatest Games Of ALL TIME

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These are the greatest games of all time

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  1. I think you should do one on the favourite games series you have done on YouTube

  2. Very cool that you had Inside on the list, thought I was the only one that loved that game so much.

  3. Sean's voice is the same but his face is so different.

  4. Hi jack! I just got river city girls and I was really surprised when I heard you voice act a npc, I think there are other youtubers to just in the background like the game grumps wich is really cool 🙂

  5. I'd love to watch Jack play ff7. And thinking about it it kind of hits me that in the game over screen they have a movie reel and somehow that just got me that much more into it. Such a small silly detail that meant the world to a small boy.

  6. I hope he plays the new Life is Strange game, since its out now and he has played all the other ones.

  7. I would have definitely enjoyed a bloodborne walk-through.

  8. Undertale was how I met Sean ngl i'm so glad its up there, and yeah, Sean's voice is the only voice for those characters.

  9. Wait does jack know that Toby fox worked with game freak to make a song for pokemon sword and shield?

  10. Hi Seán i no you sins i was 6 and now im 12 and I still love your konntent and my biggest Dream is to Met you one day and i Would love tu geht an autograph Card and thank you vor being there vor me

  11. I hoped prototype 2 would be on that list because the reason I played it was because of you and also my cousin played it and it looked cool

  12. God of war trailer is out i think you should react to it as your new video for content!

  13. Jack can you do a bloodborne series please?

  14. I get that other people don’t like it as much as I do, but I would have put Night In The Woods on the list cus I loooved the characters, I’m a huge sucker for the art style, and the music just hit the right feeling

  15. Jack can you play Trenches horror game pls? Its ww1 game

  16. Guys get this comment to high numbers so jack will play life is strange true colors hopefully he will see it !

  17. traitor Jacksepticeye impeachedandYou shouldn't have done thatJacksepticeye

  18. traitor joe Jacksepticeye impeachedandYou shouldn't have done thatJacksepticeye

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