These Are The Greatest Games Of ALL TIME -

These Are The Greatest Games Of ALL TIME

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These are the greatest games of all time

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  1. if no dues ex from 1999 is on the list, then list is invalid 😛

  2. Been playing games my whole life, I am 20 and started on N64, my list in order:
    1. Dragon Age: Origins (undisputed, best game ever made)
    2. skyrim (sheer amount of GOOD content, very little "Go kill this guy cuz bad" quests
    3. Mass Effect 2 (best ending sequence of any game ever)
    4. Fallout New Vegas (Best DLC's added to a game, as well as unique and satisfying gameplay)
    5. Assassins Creed: Black Flag (Only pirate style game that is this immersive)
    6. Super Mario 3 (Childhood memories)
    7. Mass Effect 3 (Not as good as 2, but one of the better climaxes of a video game series)
    8. Modern Warfare 3 (Was the most socially involved in this game, made the most friends)
    9. NBA 2k17 (The MyCareer was the perfect balance of story/gameplay of any sports game)

    DA:O is by far and away the best video game ever made, within the first hour of playing you will find yourself emotionally attached to your character. It may sound strange but it genuinely saddens me that more people have not played this game. Whenever I fire it up on my laptop It gives me a feeling of comfort I cannot explain.

  3. Please do a full play through of blood borne that would be amazing and to hear all of your input on it and why you enjoy it as much as you do.

  4. My 9 favourite games.. in no particular order would probably be
    Red Dead Redemption 1
    Telltale: The Walking Dead 2
    Ghost Of Tsushima
    Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (Specifically the zombie mode)
    Dead Rising 2
    The Sims 3: Pets
    Detroit: Become Human
    Im sure I could think of much better ones if I went through some of my old games, most of them are ps3 and xbox 360 era, but those I remember playing an over abundance as a kid (less so Ghost Of Tsushima and Skyrim as I've only been playing them recently but I'm honestly so in love with both I KNOW they're on this list. Also Detroit was a little more recent like a few years ago)

  5. You should get yourself a woojer for better sound experience!

  6. Kinda disappointed there was no subnautica

  7. More videos of you talking like these Sean please.

  8. With the undertale part of the voices even undertale parodies uses the voices u gave the characters

  9. I was extually ki da surprised death stranding wasn't in the list

  10. Loved this video and enjoyed watching it! Please do 9 favorite movies too!

  11. I expected God of War (2018) to be on the list.

  12. Life is strange 1/lis true colors
    Marvel's Spider-Man
    Fallout new Vegas
    Persona 5
    Portal 2
    Yakuza 7 like a dragon
    Rainbow six siege
    Watch dogs 2
    Call of duty black ops 3

  13. Of course this is Jack's list including non youtube games, and obviously we dont know how much he feel about games that he didn't do let's plays, but I kinda thought subnautica would he in here, or atleast be mentioned, like he played the beta, the full, 2 of the ice cold versions. And it was a big series, and the sounds where awesome, and it had big monsters which jack loves. But this was still fun to watch, much love sean💚

  14. yes, FFIX was the last good old school JRPG Final Fantasy. X was tedious and boring, and so they moved to the new gen. I liked XV setup. I like that mix of old retro middle XX century style plus mdoern and fantasy. I guess you did not liked Silent hill.. XD

  15. There are emulators jack you can play pokemon blue on your PC/android phone

  16. Top 9 is difficult, but here we go.
    9. Battlefield 1 – This game is one that makes me feel super close with my ancestors, who had fought in WWI.
    8. Assassin's Creed: Revelations – A lot of AC games on this list, but you know. Not only was this the second game to make me cry, it's the first to give me chills for literally minutes. Plus the soundtrack kills
    7. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – This is the game that introduced me to a sort of rebellious/outlaw story, and I absolutely love it for it's amazing story and soundtrack.
    6. Telltale's TWD S1 – This is the first game that ever made me cry, and the story is one of the best.
    5. Spyro 3 – It was the second game I played, and I absolutely have so many good memories.
    4. Minecraft – It was literally the first ever game I ever played, so yeah.
    3. Assassin's Creed II – It is a bit of a generic one, but this game really did revolutionise gaming for me and made me want to play so much more.
    2. TES:IV Skyrim – This is the very game that got me into gaming, and the very genre that got me into fantasy, a genre of which I write in a lot these days.
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 – mainly for the story aspect, it's just the best story I have ever experienced.

  17. Ignoring how cringe the fandom can get, Undertale at its core is still a fantastic game. One of the best out there, like you said!

  18. I was like 15 when I watched all of the Undertale videos and now I'm 21 and rewatched all of them and it literally gave me the same feeling as it did when I was 15, his really was the best playthrough:.)

  19. My 9 fav games

    Detroit: Become Human
    Papers Please
    Little Nightmares 2
    At Dead of Night
    House Flipper (just because)
    The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners (VR)
    Resident Evil: Village
    The Forest

    no particular order, just my fav games

  20. I love all the voices you do in different videos. You’d be so great at voice acting!

  21. traitor joe Jacksepticeye impeachedandYou shouldn't have done thatJacksepticeye

  22. traitor Jacksepticeye impeachedandYou shouldn't have done thatJacksepticeye

  23. Guys get this comment to high numbers so jack will play life is strange true colors hopefully he will see it !

  24. Jack can you play Trenches horror game pls? Its ww1 game

  25. I get that other people don’t like it as much as I do, but I would have put Night In The Woods on the list cus I loooved the characters, I’m a huge sucker for the art style, and the music just hit the right feeling

  26. Jack can you do a bloodborne series please?

  27. God of war trailer is out i think you should react to it as your new video for content!

  28. I hoped prototype 2 would be on that list because the reason I played it was because of you and also my cousin played it and it looked cool

  29. Hi Seán i no you sins i was 6 and now im 12 and I still love your konntent and my biggest Dream is to Met you one day and i Would love tu geht an autograph Card and thank you vor being there vor me

  30. Wait does jack know that Toby fox worked with game freak to make a song for pokemon sword and shield?

  31. Undertale was how I met Sean ngl i'm so glad its up there, and yeah, Sean's voice is the only voice for those characters.

  32. I would have definitely enjoyed a bloodborne walk-through.

  33. I hope he plays the new Life is Strange game, since its out now and he has played all the other ones.

  34. I'd love to watch Jack play ff7. And thinking about it it kind of hits me that in the game over screen they have a movie reel and somehow that just got me that much more into it. Such a small silly detail that meant the world to a small boy.

  35. Hi jack! I just got river city girls and I was really surprised when I heard you voice act a npc, I think there are other youtubers to just in the background like the game grumps wich is really cool 🙂

  36. Sean's voice is the same but his face is so different.

  37. Very cool that you had Inside on the list, thought I was the only one that loved that game so much.

  38. I think you should do one on the favourite games series you have done on YouTube

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