These 5 VIDEO GAMES are worth MONEY while game hunting -

These 5 VIDEO GAMES are worth MONEY while game hunting

Mr. Wright Way
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Do you want to know Which games will get you the most money? I will tell you in this video..

The countdown is from YouTube Mandy Mathy


  1. Just subscribed my friend YouTube channel is MrRetroGamerz he told me about your page 🙂 great YouTube 🙂

  2. Haha!! I love Wii Sports man!!!! I picked it up for 3 bucks at an Estate Sale!!!!

  3. found you through boogie — Not much in to collecting, but I love your energy and positivity. Makes my day better. Keep up the great work.

  4. Solid suggestions. Another couple that a lot of people pass over are Just Dance 4 on the Wii ($8 – 10 Credit at GS) and Skylanders Imaginators/Trap Team on X1 ($30 – 50 on eBay).

  5. Great tips. Fantastic trade to Gamestop there for those games as well.

  6. Great advice Steve and thanks for sharing your video with me thanks again 🙏❤️🤩😱👊

  7. Trade your way to the top. If not there is always ebay.

  8. what's that cartrige you have on the N64 you have on the back?,
    Great video as always, and great tips!!
    Another thing, keep ABZU, that game sells for about 30$, the physical version it's becoming rarer its a great find, and a great relaxing game. Abzu is Journey but underwater

  9. Dude you really trully do remind me of booker T can't wait to meet you one day at one of these conventions:)


  11. Mr. Wright Way is litterally the only person I've seen take a $5 game and turn it into a Lexus!!!

  12. Interesting that gamestop is driving some of these buy prices. My local retro chain disc replay is buying wii sports and resort for 20 cash and 30% trade bonus above that. I asked if they would take my 50 copies at once but they will only take 5 at a time lol. I was buying them everytime I saw them for 4 or less for the past 4-5 years thrifting

  13. they need to make left 4 dead 3 . left 4 dead 2 is such a fun game

  14. Great video Steve! I did find your voice hard to hear at about the 7 minute mark. The background music seemed a tad too high. Nonetheless can’t wait for the next video!

  15. Another great and helpful video! I'd add to that and say look out for any WWE SmackDown vs Raw games, NCAA Basketball 09 and 10. NCAA Football 13 and almost any Harry Potter game.

  16. This was a great informative video! I love this different type of video. 🤙🏼

  17. I think NCAA '14 will always be sought after even after the new comes out……because EA will somehow find a way to screw it up like they've done with the Madden series.

  18. Since the recent Activision/Blizzard cases there is no more going for any of those. Its done with them they kill real.people with their company culture.

  19. Well I can honestly say I was surprised at your list. I love game hunting more then collecting lol

  20. I've noticed that old 50's-60's horror movie re-releases also sell well. Admittedly it's what I shop for so maybe I just notice that.

  21. Great video, Steve. All these games are ones I love to find. Grats on 10k and here’s to 10k more. Lookin great, here!

  22. Thank you for the share!! Keep em coming!!!

  23. Finally subscribed! I have been enjoying your content quite a bit.

  24. kiss Of The Dragon blu ray is one to look out for. I sold one copy for $18.

  25. Reselller Youtubers Make it Hard for others to find good stuff on thrifts or Goodwills , due to everyone wanting to get games to sell them for more

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