The Worst Video Game Console Repair I Ever Did -

The Worst Video Game Console Repair I Ever Did

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Today we are talking about a repair that annoyed me to no end over a decade of console repairs and was the cause of many long nights and PS3 horror stories for repairs. The Yellow Light of Death is a general hardware failure for the PS3 and at the time had little to no documentation online leaving it up to many of us to figure out through trial and error what was going on.

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  1. I worked at a Gamestop ~2010 where we had a PS3 traded in that was infested with roaches. I took it in and the awful smell and…sticky case of the PS3 had me excuse myself to go to the back to run it by my manager. He didn't care, said to take it in anyway.
    And that's how our store got a really bad roach infestation for months.

  2. I loved my old PS3 60gb model. Good times…

  3. True story, I did a xbox 360 repair back in 2015 that ended up costing me $6,500. I found the xbox in the trash one night on my way home and had dollar signs on my mind when I found it. I thought it would be a quick cash grab and it ended up having bed bugs in it that unfortunately ended up infesting my house.

  4. I wish I could send my phat PS3 for you to fix it 😢

  5. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Thank you Spawn

  6. Was afraid that you publish the old horror story ,:-)

  7. Any good places to get a FAT PS3 reball?

  8. Is it just me, or were consoles from 6th generation and older built better?

  9. Sony still using cheap trash components like those capacitors? Wouldn’t surprise me.

  10. So right before John started the Spawn Wave channel, he was universally known as Repair Wave thanks to his expertise and know-how about PS3s hardware quirks and how to deal with them.

  11. I remember my old ps3 lens stopped working, so after I replaced it it work flawlessly for about 3 months and then I got the yellow light😔 I was so mad I traded it at gamestop for a slim which it still going strong but I do miss my original ps3.

  12. Love Mystic Ryans videos ( especially the eBay random lot unboxings and the documentarys on PlayStation are really well made . Of course let's talk PlayStation is always awesome every week ) . He would be awesome on the Spawn cast .

  13. I have honestly never heard of the yellow light thing until this video!

  14. I got really lucky somehow and found a NOS backwards compatible 80gb version at a good price a while back. Very greatful because I know for a fact that it hasen't been abused. It's the Metal Gear LE, but the one without the picture on it.

  15. I really wish I'd sent my BC PS3 YLOD to you back when you were still doing repairs. It still sits in my closet waiting for the day when it can be reballed.

  16. The Virgin xbox 360 towel strat

    The chad spawn wave reball

  17. I have my backwards compatible ps3 with ylod. I plan to repair it someday, or have it repaired. It’s going to be stored for years.

  18. Wait… didnt you do a video on this a few years ago?

  19. Make this a series there so interesting and informative

  20. I took mine apart cooked the motherboard in the oven then it worked again. It lasted for a good while like a year if im not mistaken, it was like 5 or 6 years ago or more

  21. How can u avoid roaches 🪳 to be in ur system?

  22. I too got this ylod on my fat ps3 80gb. Sent it to the repair shop in my area. They couldn't get it going either and he thought the motherboard was fried. He tried to replace that from another ps3 and it still wouldnt work. I thought I'd get rid of it in the recycle but still didn't do that. I keep thinking maybe its fixable still. I have a slim Ps3 160gb used from an ebgames. Still working. I initially got a fat one from ebgames but that died in 2 weeks. So I said no more fat ones and got the slim.

  23. Is this a repost? I wanna say I remember this story. Plus, kinda late for a Wonderful 101 sponsorship…

  24. I have a CECHA07 I did last week, better PSU, 8 new nek cap tokens, 1TB SSD, delidded, runs the last of us at 63 on CPU and 56 on RSX with fan at 33% speed, no air holes, I will cherish her forever and keep her beside my PS5 ❤️

  25. So what is the best way to keep my Phat white ps3 alive? 🙁 I get the loud fans n all right now but no YLOD I think, last I checked

  26. when i worked at gamestop i would check systems for infestation, and one time a lady came in to sell a PS4. I popped the lid off and there were a bunch of dead spiders crammed in underneath the lid and on top of the hard drive. Im not arachnophobic, but man did that give me the shivers.

  27. Oh man, I'd love to have my old ps3 re-balled.
    I had to get it repaired for YLOD twice. I no longer use it because the repair guys said that if the first fix doesn't keep, the odds of later repairs keeping would just drop. So I paid for a second repair, got all my data backed up, and keep it stored in a box. No idea what I will ever do with it. It was the last backwards compatible model. It was nice to be able to play PS2 discs on it; now I gotta pull out my PS2 for that.

  28. Sony definintly doesnt make em like they used too..
    2006 launch PS3 was peak console hardware, even if the money could used better on standard PowerPC instead of the CELL or other things such unified memory instead of split ram
    imagine if they had used a design closer to the 360, they could have had the best multiplatform versions… to bad they dont go all out anymore like the 7th generation…

  29. Sony always makes their consoles in the cheapest way possible 👀

  30. and I'm reeeeee -guitar strumming-, re-balling!

  31. Hello Spawn Wave, I start to consider getting Backward Compatible Ps3! I would like to know that yellow red dead light is %100 to happen? Or this is happen for some of them like rare situation? You looks like have some information about it. Please let me know! I follow your YouTube channel and I try to understand it but I need your consultation.

  32. I thought you guys were the same person for the longest lol

  33. I've delidded a Cell chip a few times before to repaste it and developed my own technique for it which works pretty well. Still a ROYAL pain in the fucking ass though

  34. It's amazing how fast sony fans drop the three red lights when you talk about every ps2 anyone ever owned dying then the ps3 getting the yellow light of death. Least Microsoft was repairing for free.

  35. Im sorry I was distracted by the MHA t-shirt.

  36. anyone work on cecha01 in Arizona or that does shipping? mine works fine but runs way too hot so i do not use it. wanna get it sorted for future

  37. So are there specialists that can fix them?

  38. As someone who is thinking about getting into the repair business, I enjoy hearing about the goods and the bads when it comes to repair experiences. Thanks for putting out another video!

  39. Hi i have a cechc02(60gb bc) system recently bought and 2 40gb fat models. Can any fan swapping/ power supplying swapping be done to ensure the cechc02 system stays alive for longer?

  40. i really miss the ps2/og xbox days where you didn't need to worry about cpu overheat, ylod, blod…..

  41. I wonder if there are any people who still have a working PS3 fat from launch in 2006 still working lol

  42. A lot of people remember the seventh generation of consoles for catering to casual audiences.
    I remember it for broken consoles and sending them in for repairs

  43. Do you do repairs for other people? If so, how much do you charge? I have a ps3, that can still play movies but I can't play my games

  44. Is Their a Way to Repair or take the Mold off of a Moldy Ps3?

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