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bad Video Game Box art!
MegaMan 1 gets an honourable mention.
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  1. Wonderboy in Monsterworld was by far the most pitiful example of underselling what was actually a damn good game. The US (and ultimately the European and Australian) version of the cover just pales to the outstanding cool looking Japanese version that really made the whole Wonderboy universe look like a cartoon series that you knew that you were missing out on as a westerner.

    Wrestle War on Mega Drive also is worth a mention. @hyrulesurfer1 You're right for mentioning Phalanx. It was heavily advertised back in the day and WOW. It just made me wonder what the gaming company executives were smoking at the time! LOL

  2. Phantasy Star II's cover is really weird… It's an amazing piece of retro Sci-Fi on it's own, but it really doesn't fit with PS2 (Or any other!). 

  3. All the American versions of Japanese arts for Genesis are worse than the originals.

  4. i own another game by jaelco called something fortress and its a total copy of metal gear

  5. megaman 1-5 ugh, just no.

  6. Love Pro Wrestling.  Such a great game and the box art, well, its special, lets say

  7. Am I really the only one to choose Strider's box art as a bad one? ó_ò

  8. Dragon quest is probably the funniest example of the Western vs Japanese box art. Japan: let's go on an adventure! Fun! Yay! West: WE ARE SERIOUS.

  9. Someone probably already said it but, what about Bravoman? haha 

  10. I thought American would like the Phantasy star 2 cover.

  11. Dude, the american cover for Phalanx on the Super NES.. That was horrible.

  12. The sad thing is Pro Wrestling was a really good, well made game for a Master System game. I have fond memories playing it with my brother as a kid. Lots of fun. Not sure what they were thinking on the cover.

  13. Shadow Dancer cover is one of my least favorites

  14. The Genesis version of the Capcom Strider has Buck Rogers on the box art instead of the Strider Hiryu

  15. MEGA MAN 1! Jk, I really don't care about box art, just the game inside it.

  16. The funny thing about Phantasy Star II is that in Segagaga is that Nei herself complains about the US box artwork. She even moans about having horns, the joke with Rika getting angry in Phantasy Star IV with Dezorians asking if she has horns is a reference to.

  17. hahaha i remember cybertigger boxart and labels are garbage

  18. Dude.  The AVGN just ripped this off.

  19. No MegaMan 2? lol.

    Was that the mall that was just across the border? I remember the game shop and the Arcade there. I can't believe I used to always try to hunt down the arcade first in the mall. haha

  20. I so expected the box art to Wonder Boy in Monster Land to get a mention. That face is the stuff of nightmares.

  21. I suspect the artist of Dungeon Explorer and Final Zone 2 it´s the same guy hahaha

  22. I loved Landstalker. Its semi sequel is the awesome Alundra on Playstation.

  23. As weird as it sounds, I'm not a huge fan of the Chrono Trigger box art(even though its my favorite game of all time). It's well drawn, but I just can't get past the fact that Marle is using a fire spell on the cover. It might just be me, but it really annoys me way more than it should.

  24. at a time when box art was such a big part of marketing you would think they would have tried harder

  25. I think Pro Wrestling cover art is so funny LOL 😀 God dammit it's just so fucking funny 😀

  26. Hahaha I have the Phantasy Star 2 box on display in my game room because of how atrocious it is, plus I absolutely love the series. It's how I found your channel! I still haven't been able to get a boxed copy of the original though, I really need that!!

  27. Megaman 1 and 2, especially 1. Just absolutely AWFUL, it is a sore on anyone's collection. The rest are still pretty bad too with muscle head Megaman, why couldn't they just use the famicom artwork?? I almost always prefer grabbing the Japanese edition.

  28. That Final Zone 1 boxart is actually pretty sweet. Impressive for back then.

  29. I love how he always tells people to make a video response. HCG viewers are too lazy for that haha

  30. NintendoEntertainmentSystem&PlayStation1 says:

    the worst box art I ever seen was the Original Mega Man!

  31. I almost feel like Nintendo paid the American designer of Master System game boxes, to make the boxes look retarded. lol

  32. The first Suikoden game its so bad. The worst part though is the real box art in Japan is part of the game you recruit an artist and as you give him paint he makes a mural, so we get to see how much better they had it.
    Then there's the art for Breath of Fire 1& 2.

  33. Like you mentioned, most Western Master System games could be on this list. To this day I still have no idea what Sega was thinking going for such a minimalist design, with just a white and black grid covering 90% of the box and a small piece of bad clip art. If anything, box art was much MORE important than it is today. There was no Internet so a lot of kids chose their games based on the box while standing in the store. When I was a kid, the Master System didn't even exist to me. When I would see one of the games I would think it was for some "old system" (like Intellivision, Colecovision or another of that era I was not involved in) and I would pass it up for an NES game that had cool-looking art wrapped all around the box. Even with Nintendo's illegal practices I still think the box art was a major reason why the Master System failed so horribly. You could only want the games if you had seen it in a magazine or at a friend's house. The boxes sold exactly 0 copies.

  34. People bash the boxart for this one game but dammit I love the fuck out of it. The original Resident Evil boxart with Chris Redfield and his shotgun/sniper rifle hybrid gun looking all crazy with all those shapes and shadows behind him! Honestly may be the best boxart in Resident Evil series asides from RE2.

  35. God…. we Americans sure have a funny way of fucking things up…..

  36. I think Guardian Heroes is one of the worst cover arts of all time, especially if you are comparing it to how beautiful the game actually is.

  37. WTH?? The wrestler guy doesn't even have a head LOL

  38. im not watch too much this cover arts,for me all the differents,some greats,some,good,some bad or worst,whanever will be

  39. Lol, I forgot about the Rival Turf box art.

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