The Touryst PS5 - The First 8K 60fps Console Game! -

The Touryst PS5 – The First 8K 60fps Console Game!

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Internally rendering at ‘full fat’ 7680×4320 and running flat out at 60 frames per second, Shin’en Multimedia’s The Touryst is officially the first 8K game of the new console generation. In this video, John Linneman and Rich Leadbetter discuss the game, how 8K benefits a 4K screen and how game could actually deliver full 8K… if and when Sony updates PS5 to support it. And beyond that… just what kind of games could the PS5 and Series X deliver at 8K and fundamentally, is it worth it?

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  1. Now just imagine this engine and design as an adventure game

  2. we wont see 8k games but we will see graphics we saw in UE5 demo on ps5 using 8k textures.

  3. The series x game isn’t a native port it’s just Gen 9 aware

  4. Im wondering when they’ll enable the 8k ui on ps5😂

  5. Simple game but it's still kinda cool they hit those high resolutions all at a locked 60 and 120fps

  6. Best on playstation? Shh you'll upset the xbots. 😂

  7. So this video clearly demonstrates, and so does this game, what Mark Cerny was saying all the way back at the Dev Talk. The higher clock speeds are vital and TFlops is an awful metric to calculate power these days.

  8. A game that can achieve this level of crispness is more visually impressive to me than most triple a games.

  9. Digital foundry desperate to keep them sony cheques coming. Wasted all this time on this game and kena when we have had games like psychonauts 2 that they skipped past. A game that deserved to be looked at due to its visuals etc.

  10. I wouldn't call an Output Resolution of 8K DLSS'ed from a lower res 8K in exactly the same way I wouldn't call internal 8K downscaled to 4K to be 8K either. However you slice it or dice it if any scaling is required it isn't 8K Period.

  11. 8k 60fps on ps5
    6k 60fps on series x 😐
    Where’s those extra teraflops again?

  12. Haaaaangggggg on a darn tooting minute. Xbox fans were saying that the PS5 couldn't do 8K? Yet you say the Xbox Series X does this game 6K downscaled to 4K, while the PS5 does it a 8K 60FPS. So Xbox fans got it wrong? =O

  13. I've got no background in computing or rendering or whatever but I always learn from these videos!

  14. Can't wait for 8k 120fps Last of Us III

  15. ok so im confused is it 8k on ps5 or is it just 4k?

  16. I always thought 8k would have killed the framerates

  17. PS5 RDNA 2? something more! it is probably RDNA 2 1/2 Sony fucking bastards

  18. This game is waaaay too short. Just when you think you've finished the tutorial, the game ends. Too bad cause it's really good.

  19. Estos weyes se la croman todos los días a Sony 😂😂😂😂

  20. Let's be realistic: the Series X and PS5 boasting "8K Support" is primarily media file playback capability — so they can scale into 8K digital media over the course of the generation. We'll see a handful of fringe/niche post-4K game examples (after all, you can do less geometry/stylized art direction, or a native 8K Pac-Man arcade port, etc.), but it's obviously out of the realm of complex modern AAA titles.

  21. absolute madness, i would have expected 8K 30fps mode or some, but no, they actually managed to get 8K60fps

  22. I was told by a certain fan base that ps5 can't even do 4k much less 8k plus it's the 1st console to do so at 60fps wow 😳

  23. Aren't the cu's bigger on the ps5 compared to series x?

  24. I can’t wait to say to a developer in the comments, “ update your last gen game to 8K, 4K is so blurry!” 😂

  25. some weirdo now: cant wait to play god of war ragnarok at 8k 60 fps

  26. 8K60fps PS5, 6K60fps Series X once real difference

  27. That's awesome. Reminds me of when okami ran at 4k on ps3 but output the image at 1080p.

  28. this is what i've been saying since the switch came out, if Developers designed their games so they look and run well on the weakest hardware (in this case the switch) they'll have enough head room to do insane stuff like native 8k 60, or native 4k 60 plus ray tracing, but i guess that mentality isn't for everyone

  29. It would be interesting to see how many more hi-res games (if any) will we see in the future.

  30. peasantbox slapped around once again see when the ps5's features get used magic happens. we have higher clocks than you we have amd smarftshift we can do things you can't dream of know your place

  31. So my $500 PS5 console is outputting 8k120. I’ll take that.

  32. I bought it after your Switch review. It is a very adorable game. I really enjoyed it.

  33. Oh yet another game showing the ps5 is more powerful then people think lol crazy its downsampled on the seires x from 6k to 4k yet on the ps5 its from 8k to 4k lol

  34. NO NO NO
    I'm really hoping for 8k to flop, so I can get my 5k ultrawide TVs 😭

  35. Given the simplistic graphics it should run at 120fp AND 8k.

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