The Touryst PS5 - The First 8K 60fps Console Game! -

The Touryst PS5 – The First 8K 60fps Console Game!

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Internally rendering at ‘full fat’ 7680×4320 and running flat out at 60 frames per second, Shin’en Multimedia’s The Touryst is officially the first 8K game of the new console generation. In this video, John Linneman and Rich Leadbetter discuss the game, how 8K benefits a 4K screen and how game could actually deliver full 8K… if and when Sony updates PS5 to support it. And beyond that… just what kind of games could the PS5 and Series X deliver at 8K and fundamentally, is it worth it?

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  1. Xbots, What happened to that 12 teraflops?! LOL 😂

  2. Damn, 8k. I am still using monitor below 1080p.

  3. So this game on ps5 can't even be played at 8k because it isn't even implemented into to ps5 yet so basically lied about it being an 8k console

  4. This looks like a example of a Mark Cerny said during the PS5 tech conference
    The main goal was to allow developers to truly harness the systems attributes speed development time, PS5 may not have as much power as the SX but thanks to it's design they can do more with what they have
    This is why the future is really exciting, this game is a multi-plat made by a small developer early in PS5 life time and it looks like they did only moderate tweaks to get this game to here and we already gotten stuff like Returnal, Rachet and Clank and other games that definitely impress can't wait to see what Playstation's in house devs will do when they build from the start for PS5 after some experience with the hardware

  5. Of course on the best console on market… the Ps5 🙂

  6. Anybody else notice Xbox went from saying “worlds most powerful console” to “the most powerful Xbox ever” lol

  7. Completely unecessary lol. No one on a 4K screen would tell the difference between 4K native or 8k on a 4K screen

  8. So, my take-away from this video is that PS5 is just more capable of pushing pixels in a scenario like this. Who would have thought that "teraflops" aren't the be-all and end-all?

  9. Nice looking game, might look at getting it for my ps5

  10. Thanks for everything DF! Any plans for Psychonauts 2?

  11. Even this game looks way better on Ps5 as on SX… oh man 😆

  12. 8k is absolutely unnecessary, it can be usefull only if you have a monitor the size of a cinema basically, sometimes even 4 k is too crisp for me on a 44 tv

  13. Xbox series x the most powerfu… Wait…. lmfao!!!!! Rip xbox

  14. the 8K vs 6K comparison, eh, BUT the annoying out of focus on the xbox is enough to make me never consider it on that platform.

  15. hard to say clock frequency has anything to do with it… In the PC I don't really think I ever seen a GPU of the same architecture with lower cores beating the tier above it with more cores even if in some the lower cores GPU could have got higher frequency, because contrary to CPU the multithreading always seem to simply work nicely with the GPU…

    But it's good to know all those technical details and what they are internally rendering.

  16. I dunno if it's something you'd be interested in doing, but I'd love to see a retrospective on Shin'en. Not all their games have been great, but they've nearly all been amazing tech demos.

  17. PS5 : 💪8K

    Me : 1080p TV and projector 😂

  18. it was a good game. 1000G'd it on gamepass

  19. I don't get the only way to get this on PC is the Win10 Store.

  20. So in the end it was PS5 that got the first 8K console game. Nice.

  21. In fact ps5 can output in 8K they wouldn’t false advertiSe like the Xbox one s 4K sticker lmao

  22. so fucking stupid , i have 8k screen and the game run in 8k but you cant oudput 8k what the fuck sony , ok i understand , to play 8k game on computer i need 2.1 hdmi CG and play with dlss or old game , but launch 8K support for game and cant output the 8k i really dont undertand the point …….. same for xbox when xbox and sony will launch 8k update for the menu ( ok i understand will be difficult to have 8K game …. lol)

  23. The lighting being different made me think it had to do with ambient occlusion but this game doesn’t have ssao does it?

  24. I wish Virtua Fighter 6 had such crisp and low poly graphics.

  25. finally a real big win compared to the decimal wins as of late, ps5 is a beast

  26. So basically this game shows off the difference between having fewer but faster CUs vs having more but slower CUs. I suppose some game engines just don't benefit from super high parallelization. Interesting.

  27. I don't believe for a second that the xbox could not run this at 8K. I think the dev must just prefer working on playstation titles. Nothing about this game should be demanding at all, even at 8k.

  28. That yeah in the end reminded me those 80s sitcoms when the end credits rolled and you saw those companies banners at the end 😂

  29. Re: exploiting the high GPU frequencies and consistent unified memory speeds — that was the developer's own words, not DF guesswork.

    The team committed to using some lower level APIs for the PS5 upgrade (versus more generic tools), and it left them with extra overhead where the PS5's generous GPU clocks and unified (not split-speed) VRAM made a crucial difference. Likely raw, consistent fill-rate for a stylized minimalist title like this.

    If you dig into the PS5's custom APIs, and it's not difficult, it sometimes offers valuable efficiency perks over the more bloated DirectX environment.

    Obviously other factors (CU quantity, etc.) play a more important role for elements like ray tracing implementations – where the Series X should dominate later in the generation, but occasionally the PS5's hotrod GPU and unified memory will provide a meaningful advantage that frees up resources elsewhere to make up for gaps.

  30. Definitely the type of game i wanna play in 8k….

  31. Game is decent but the 3D platforming in limited control over camera is janky.

  32. Damn I should a bought a ps5!!!! My ex gf talked me into my crappy xbox series x.

    The name sucks…the first party games are non existent. The controller feels the same. The design looks like a 2020 radio. But I'm all about the graphics and figured I would sacrifice to have the prettiest games…

    But seems ps5 is winning there too dammit

  33. This reminds me of when Titanfall 2 on xb1x dynamic res’d up to 6K, I wonder if Series X would output at 6K…

  34. 8K is not impressive for this type of game / graphics. Its like running shovel knight at 8K. We know its easily achievable. Also, Xbox Series X is fully capable of 8K output. They announce this November 2020.

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