The Smallest Official Handheld Game Console -

The Smallest Official Handheld Game Console

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The Sega Game Gear Micro was only released in Japan as four separate consoles, each with their own bundle of games. It’s so small it could fit in your mouth, I just don’t recommend swallowing it… because it’s also very expensive.

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  1. Hey Shining Force is amazing! Shin Megami Tensei is also a great hit!

  2. It looks like a really cool, but really expensive keycharm

  3. you pronounce the a in nostalgia like you should be pronouncing the a in mario

  4. This is some bullshit!! 👎👎👎
    A complete disappointment 💔

  5. I like that you vored a Game Gear Micro just to prove you could. A true gamer.

  6. Wait, if wulff den is a religion now, that means membership is a tax write off now! sweet!

  7. "so you better slap a like" yesir!

  8. Those consoles were not made with the intention of being true portable consoles to compete in the market. They were made like that for commemorative and collectible purposes. It's like: It's a very Japanese product for the Japanese understanding only.

    it's cool
    Looks fun
    Pull it ouy of your pocket when you're bored and want a quick distraction

  10. I mean I want one because I'm a bit obsessed with portable systems, but for only like 1 cm vertically and 2 cm horizontally (plus it is actually thinner in the z axis, which is arguably the most important dimension to keep small), the gameboy micro has a drastically better library, and almost double the screen size. Plus with an emulator flashcart, the GBA is beefy enough to emulate all game gear and master system games. I agree it is super neat and I want one real bad, but for that price you could pick up a gb micro plus flashcart, just use yiur phone like the average person.

  11. The yellow one is the one I’d import. Even though I can’t read Japanese, Shining Force is legit.

  12. Dreamcast storage expansion might be smaller

  13. Imagine if nintendo puts out a game boy micro classic edition and it would be like 2 times smaller.

  14. As a “mini” collector, I couldn’t be talked into this.

  15. Why might I want one of these you ask? The same reason I bought the R-zone, the virtual boy, and 7 tiger handhelds of course. I’m an idiot.

  16. I wanted one when I seen it but it was just to put on my shelf lol

  17. I'm leaving a comment because it's good for the algorithm

  18. You’re fortunate you didn’t put a “?” In the title. That would have been an instant unsub. Homey don’t play bait.

  19. this is an honest health concern:
    please do not consume the game gear micro

  20. how is this thing so small and so expensive lmao

  21. Anyone happen to recall the service in early to mid nineties (iirc) that allowed you to play any SNES games "online" via the tv? It was before the internet was in every household (here in US). All i know is we had it for a while when I was in my tweens and/or early teens (I was born in '82 so maybe/approx '93-'95 ish?)…anyone at all know what I'm referring to?

  22. The only dissapointing thing is that they couldn't slap all of those games in one single mini gamegear LOL

  23. 0/10 Vid. He didn’t fully eat the console

  24. Loved the game gear. Mickey mouse was amazing

  25. Bob STOP eating small gaming stuff it is bad for your tummy

  26. What is it with you and putting small things in your mouth
    Bad wolfden, drop the zero 2, drop it

  27. I remember my Game Gear! My god that thing chewed through batteries like you wouldn't beleive… I had Sonic, Power Rangers, Jungle Book and I think there was a game cart that came bundled with it? It had a racing game on it which I played a lot. Cool system, but yeah barely portable considering the weight of the damned thing.

    I got a Gameboy Pocket in red when those came out in the UK and spent an unhealthy number of hours playing Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Wave Race and Pokemon Blue. Oh and don't forget Links Awakening! The Gameboy was such a killer system back in the day, too much nostalgia. If I could find one in red (in decent condition) I'd buy it in a heart beat but they seem to be pretty rare these days. I have a yellow one and hope that'll continue to last for years to come yet.

  28. you also never have to worry about the battery crapping out since they're AAA's and not a rechargeable.
    for items like this when the batteries are so small, they don't last nearly the length of time as larger batteries so once it craps out, you lose the emulator. with triple A's you know if it breaks it's a board issue and not the batteries. rechargeable batteries don't always make sense.

  29. 0:52 I thought the thumbnail was clickbait BUT it wasn’t, am 🙂

  30. If they ever come out with an identical replica to the original with a reasonable library, I will buy it. For now, my old eyes aren't going to let me enjoy this bizarre creation.

  31. They should made one of these with Rickman game in it.

  32. It's like, way smaller than the Game Boy Micro, guys. lol

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