The NEW Atari VCS: The Ultimate Retro Gaming Console? -

The NEW Atari VCS: The Ultimate Retro Gaming Console?

Dan Wood
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The new Atari VCS is a retro legend reimagined, bringing modern hardware specs to the classic look of the Atari 2600. This PC/console hybrid is set to go on general release very soon, but how well does it perform for retro gaming, modern games and emulation? Let’s have a look!

Atari VCS:

Thanks to Paul Keward for supplying me with this console for review.

▬ Contents of this video ▬

0:00​ – Intro & Project Overview
2:21​ – Brilliant Sponsor Message
4:01 – Console Unboxing
6:34 – Controller Unboxing
9:00 – Atari VCS Console Inspection
11:35 – Console Set-Up & Install
15:11 – Atari VCS Dashboard & Games
23:18 – PC Mode
26:24 – 4K Video Test
27:13 – Conclusion
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  1. If s company can’t complete a finished product for its backers, it isn’t worth buying at retail to reward them for it.

  2. I mean, not really. At least, not any more than any other low end Ryzen Desktop.

  3. Is River Raid game included in the vault games list?

  4. It sounds like the experience was ruined in part because it's presented as a modern console and not a mini PC. If they included a keyboard and mouse, and sold it as an "Atari Mini PC", or maybe a successor to the Atari 400 and 800 models instead of the 2600, the first impression would be better. OTOH, more of it's limitations as a PC would stand out, but still, someone like me would load a bunch of Open Source emulators to run on top of Windows, it has lots of old classic platforms and downloadable games, it seems just powerful enough for that purpose, but not enough to be practical PC. But it's hard not to imagine people would find better value from a regular Windows PC as a TV "entertainment center".
    Most modern TVs come with Android, so there's a bit of a free gaming system on new TVs anyways. Maybe they should have sold a "Smart Atari TV" with the gaming is built-in, maybe together with Android instead of dual booting with Windows or Linux. Because it sounds like it's trying too hard to appeal to the widest possible demographic.
    Either be a gaming center that can compete near the quality of Xbox and Playstation, or at least the Wii! Or be a novelty mini PC add a keyboard, and maybe prioritize connecting to monitors over TVs, or focus exclusively on playing the largest number of licensed classic console games possible: 8-bit nostalgia whether the player grew up in Japan, Europe, or North America or just wants to play them all. It may be difficult to get a decent library -there's too much licensing and cross-licensing and legal complications.
    Maybe if they concentrated on Linux and Open Source emulators, that might focus the Atari team. They might come up with the best possible implementation under those limitations. Although keeping Atari games themselves closed-source at the same time would bring a lot of criticism, but they seem to have run into that anyways.

  5. This is a confused console. It's engineered with one toe dipped into the android box market and one toe dipped in the low powered PC market . It does not fully commit to either. A jack of trades but master of none.

  6. 250 with the controllers would make it a sell but once I found out it was only a two core processor I was disappointed.

  7. Great video 👍🏻and good review 😉watching it till the finish line 👌🏻

  8. So it is like X86 single board PC with Atari emulated games…not interested that much.

  9. You can buy an actual working atari, a CRT TV, 2-4 controllers, and 50ish games for 200-300 bucks.

    You can buy the Atari classics reissue thingamajig for Xbox One/PS4 for 40 bucks spread over two discs.

    You can emulate for free.

  10. Highly doubt the Sega and Nintendo games shown are even licensed. Totally illegal gaming console.

  11. I hope it sells. I would hate to see atari go away. They pretty much got videogames going back when I was a kid. They tried with the jaguar and I bought one. And we all know it was a huge flop.

  12. Still unclear if it will even be released in Europe…

  13. Does game pass browser streaming work on it?

  14. My nostalgic heart wants it but my head knows that I can download Atari Vault for £10 on Steam and that 32GB internal storage is frankly pathetic (especially for a PC).

    I paid £500 for a 2TB internal storage Windows 10 gaming PC which can handle the latest games with no fan/slowdown issues. It seems it can do everything this can but better (you can also pay £40 for an Amazon Fire stick if you want the Disney Plus App on your Smart TV).

    The key for Atari would be exclusive games but that’s incredibly unlikely on so many levels. It’s just too expensive for what it is.

  15. I already have every rom made for every single Atari system for free on my ALU cab and can play them through CoinOps with dual joysticks, spinners and a trackball. So, it’s a hard pass for me, especially for $400+.

  16. Remove the thermal pad off the cooler and replace with artic silver thermal paste on the chipset it doesn’t spin up hardly at all

  17. There are a solid amount of really good and good looking games for the VCS, you should purchase a few from the store they look and play great! That being said, I’d much rather see the price tag @ $299, that’s my main gripe.

  18. I wonder if atrariage will make downloads of the homebrew games for this console

  19. Thanks for not being one of those who say "haych" D M I. Seriously hate that recent adaptation. Wish people would frikken stop it.

  20. Atari has also licensed their name to the "Fight Stick" sold by Microcenter….which can be purchased with just a USB connection for PC use (which includes mounting posts inside for a Rasberry PI) or purchase the unit WITH a Rasberry Pi and licensed emulation SD card included. It is 2 joysticks, 6 buttons per person and start-selection buttons which are all arcade quality hardware, contained in a solid wood cabinet. I installed a dual flush mount USB connector on the front, and a flush mount USB/HDMI connector on the rear to prevent having to open the cabinet every time you want to connect additional joysticks to the Pi.

  21. Two generations behind, so it's something like a ps3.

  22. Its a lot of money but I am not sure what it offers. As noted, you can already get access to many of the games.I used to have an inexpensive Atari App on my phone that did missile command, lunar lander, battle zone etc etc. I already have a box to stream content on tv. There is a big chance that this gadget wont be supported or well supported.

  23. It does look cool, but I think it's a stretch to say it looks like an Atari 2600. 🙂

  24. pac man didnt come free on this ….lol wow

  25. about 5 years ago, i saw a model at walgreens, for like 60 bux ,, it had all the games on it,…yikes

  26. Steam with oldies and all Atari games plus emulator. You could have this with standard pc haha but I like it. Likely will buy it

  27. You forgot gamepass and stadia 😄😄😄😄 after all it's the future of gaming hence I think there actually might be some future if they make some good deal with steam and Microsoft to have everything in one UI and use for example an Atari ID login to both Xbox and steam services

  28. I don't really know what is the place for this thing. A low-power system for the living room? Switch got it. A living room computer? Why not RaspPi? I don't really think it's going to be any success.

    Especially with Steam Deck coming that will have a Switch-like dock.

  29. 9:25 I have this issue with my computer, that uses glass on it's case (all sides except for back). Just use a felt wipe that's lightly wet (not soaking, otherwise you will destroy electronics, just slightly wet) to clean it from fingerprints.

  30. A more reasonable price would’ve been $100, ain’t no way this thing is worth damn near $300

  31. As soon as you said there was no controller included with this system I was done with the video

  32. I’ll wait till closer to the holidays maybe they will have it on sale

  33. Hats off to Atari actually releasing the console. I think using it as a PC and a console makes it an interesting system.

  34. DON'T use the analog to play rotor contolled games. use the d pad. Tempest will be a lot easier.

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