The MOST UNIQUE SOLO BUNKER Rust Base Design 2021 ( REWORK ) -

The MOST UNIQUE SOLO BUNKER Rust Base Design 2021 ( REWORK )

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The MOST UNIQUE SOLO BUNKER Rust Base Design 2021 ( REWORK )

This Rust base design is an REWORK from one of my other videos (The Most UNIQUE SOLO bunker base design)
Builders Sanctuary Code : BMARMV

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Let me know what you want to see next weather its a Rust base design or A Full wipe or even a Rust Trap Base.
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  1. awsome base man!! got me a lot of ideas!! love it!!

  2. I and a few people I have noticed are using your base designs on console. We for some reason don't have triangle roofs or triangle hatches. I would love to see a base that doesn't incorporate those. Maybe a boat storage wing since we don't have heli yet. I know boo console but we are watching you too.

  3. awesome efficient base design lad,
    the SAR skin looks sick too <3

  4. Very nice base bro i really like it 🙂

  5. I like this base and I'll be using it in my next solo wipe on a small solo server. I think it's a great idea with it looking so unusual, puts raiders off in my opinion. I've been using an Evil Wurst 'Chad Base' typically, but it gets raided every wipe because of the tryhards. I think a traditional base invites people in, this base puts them off IMO. You never mentioned the raid cost to TC and loot in this video or description did you?

  6. Sick design. Definitely gonna be a pain if i see my enemies using this set up too xD

  7. damn this rework is very useful the old one wasnt really cutting the storage XD good job my man

  8. Would love to see how you get to build this in game from start.

    Thanks for 4.4k you lot are gen insane 🙂

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