The Most OVER POWERED Early Game Item EVER! - Rust Duo Survival #2 -

The Most OVER POWERED Early Game Item EVER! – Rust Duo Survival #2

Guacamole Jones
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Guacamole Jones and AquaFPS survive together in the world of rust and use the most OP item ever!
Aqua –

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  1. +Guacamole Jones

    What res are you using?

    BTW: Good video bro

  2. I come to watch rust video from my good boy guac, then I hear my pals voice in the video

    You threw my key in the river : (

  3. visit my chanle please i got a vid about rust cars vs water

  4. iced up johnny bravo i met you in a cs trade server LOL

  5. I can't believe you're gonna get 100k sub bro this is amazing !!! Keep on going guac !

  6. "That's really going to tie the room together" YES

  7. I think the beauty in the nail gun has to do with the satisfying hits. It suppresses enemies well. I don't think it should ever be nerfed, seeing as though it takes about 10 shot to kill a naked. sacrificing both range and damage for rife rate and velocity, in comparison to the bows

  8. everybody is calling it stupid and you cant just come here telling us thats op

  9. YouTubers: nail gun is op
    Rust: time to nerf the nail gun

  10. lol he calls them British when they sound black but he sounds like a 14 year old British kid XD

  11. Lame. Throwing away their key was very lacking in good sportsmanship. This generation of some of the gamers – wow. Thumbs down.

  12. wow killing bow cunts with nailgun gratulations

  13. the background music makes me so nostalgic, makes me think about TLOU my favorite game ever. 🙁

  14. What's the minimum ram this game runs well on

  15. ooooooooooOOooooOOOOooOoooOOOoOoooo that one bit with the sound track from The Last of Us had me feeling crazy.

  16. Goddammit you discovered the secret I've managed to kill geared guys with Aks and shotguns with the weapon from hell but now you have exposed it and everyone will use it no longer will I be able to run up to geared guys and have them say oh he just has a nail gun let's mess with him or don't worry about that guy all he has is a nailgun little do they know there about to die

  17. Hey Guac can I ask were you get your audio from like the part were you had the frame that says guac and aqua survival…?

  18. What makes the nail gun so good is that it has little to no recoil

  19. That TLOU music gave me so many flashbacks 😥

  20. Omg dood i lub u so much u make me make we wat to cuuuoom in my panties

  21. when you said "i like it" i said "i like it alot" in the exact same voice haha


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