The Most EXPENSIVE Rust Skin in History?? -

The Most EXPENSIVE Rust Skin in History??

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Sit back and relax as I take you back 4 years in time to the creation of “Knock Knock” Rocket Launcher and explain why it is considered by most to be the Most EXPENSIVE and RAREST Rust Skin ever created….

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  1. Is the Most Expensive Rust skin in History? or do you disagree?

  2. you should make a vid about the scudpunk hoodie which is tradable but not marketable and was created as a charity skin (i think)

  3. Yo Seb.I didn’t receive my skins from csdeals and it charged me :/

  4. we need more of these rare rust skins please

  5. RustyCola Machine is another skin that isn't marketable or tradeable anymore no idea what that would be worth these days.

  6. Loved the video! Are other rare skins like punishment, relic, tree door, or demonic pistol going to be reviewed?

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