The Looters always miss something in rust #shorts -

The Looters always miss something in rust #shorts

Poppa Clutch
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The only thing they didn’t check was the locker, worked in my favour.
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  1. Your channel is absolutely amazing, not only because you’re entertaining, but because you actually show the loot in your shorts, so many people have shorts that say like “MASSIVE LOOT” but then we can’t see what’s in the boxes because of the shorts format, thanks you so much.

  2. I found a base a few wipes ago completely devasted by raiders. They obviously missed 2 wooden crates by the back of the base because they were loaded with c4. Always worth double checking a raided base

  3. same thing happened with me kids looted it I was in a zurg then ran out raiders with paddles but they got away and missed tons of shit

  4. i'll never raid someone bro the pain of getting raided is immense

  5. What game is this it looks like ark in Roblox

  6. I think I saw this when u were live streaming I might be wrong tho

  7. I destroyed 2 tc in two different bases with no doors on it and got 500 scrap

  8. Dont believe a word this nigga says he literally scripts everything

  9. Had the same thing happen yo me. Base was raided fully. Spawned on beach and got 3 ak full metal kits. And a bunch of sulfer and metal

  10. Found 2 drop boxes behind a fridge once. One was full of c4. The other had a launcher and rockets.

  11. Not on console even the zurgs with everything don’t even leave a double barrel

  12. Good yoinks! I had a similar situation with a locked locker, raiders didn’t bother to crack it open so I did and got an AK plus a couple of other kits

  13. How stupid can people be. When we raid bases I make sure I gut the place clean. Light fixtures, drop boxes, furnace, rugs, you name it. Everything must go!

  14. Bru I play rust console they looted everything but 1 box and I had half a box of rockets

  15. I’m convinced this guy has the best accent

  16. Poppa keep up getting loot. I think you've already passed spoonkid in total loot gotten

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