The Legendary Video Game Console That Never Was -

The Legendary Video Game Console That Never Was

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The Wii ushered in a new era of interacting with video games back in 2006, but that huge shift in gaming almost happened many years before. In 1989, the entire industry almost changed forever.

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  1. I'm sure this was covered in C&VG magazine way back when. Great video chaps 😊

  2. It's crazy to think about where gaming tech would be now of that really did pan out. If that was the base line back in the 80s then think of what inputs would really be available now. Madness

  3. Great video as always,not a huge fan of the intro though. Still heart jobs 🙂

  4. Would've flopped. Way too late in the market with way too many parts of the infrastructure that could and would've failed them.

  5. Spotted the infamous Ashens couch immediatley!

  6. To be fair…..pacman is just as much to blame as ET

  7. Also: i like the slight difference between British English and American English. You say "Jag-u-ar" we'd say "Jag-War"

  8. Really liked the format/style of this episode, keep up the great work 🙂

  9. this video was made exaclty like the ones LeMMIno makes……….

  10. This documentary-esque style is awesome. Not to knock anyone else but seems much more proffesional and thought out than some of the other content I've seen here

  11. i love the power glove. it's so bad. and i mean… bad

  12. Mobile is the best game console

    like if you disagree

  13. Uhoh, you mentioned the video game market crash….here comes Guru Larry to tell everyone it only effected USA & Japan only and somehow Europe didn't get effected ( look at the garbage games being produced then )

  14. Damn i thought they were gonna talk about the game sphere. "IT'S SPHERICAL!"

  15. The format looks similar to most other gaming channels. Too generic. I'll pass

  16. Got me on this one. I thought it was gonna be that Game system from around 2004 that was hyped up and never appeared.

  17. If these was invented it would’ve made other controllers more advanced now such as VR!

  18. We need a Nintendo consoles like the gamecube and N64 with normal controllers!! These new Nintendo consoles are annoying with these crazy controllers!!

  19. Interesting…more new mini-documentaries, please! 😁

  20. loved this mini documentary episode. would love to see more interesting gaming tidbits you guys can find.

  21. Those 80s style animation is probably what doomed that hardware xD
    They were too expensive lol

  22. I waited and waited for the Konix console but gave up and got my first Amiga instead when it became apparent it didn’t seem likely to ever be released. Such a shame as the potential was second to none.

  23. Whats the song that plays in the background?

  24. Love the new branding guys. Also thanks for getting rid of the "ding, ding, done" thing

  25. I like this style a lot. Make more videos like this please! Reminds of the old G4/Tech TV shows I use to watch. Keep your other stuff too though. Make it 50/50.

  26. This video style is straight taken from Ahoy's video style

  27. Well WhaCu, this is interesting material, why not put the feelers out, and track down at least 1 of the developers? I'd like to know why it got canned.

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