The LAST Video from the BEST DAYS of This GAME! | Rust 2015 -

The LAST Video from the BEST DAYS of This GAME! | Rust 2015

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  1. “This so gunna murder us all” not giving time…

  2. I can do this all day if you want!

    Holdacious, 4 years ago

  3. “This niggas gonna straight murder us all” good ol days

  4. I love that REACTION he was like "CAPTAIN LOOK"(looks at the chopper OMG)
    and anyways I love your video mate just keeper going making fun VIDEOS

  5. rust 2015/2016 were the best days and it was way more fun then i can remember playing it with my friend everyday after school

  6. You remember me from back when you first started? 😄

  7. wow i remember these days. I join rust just before legacy was change into this.

  8. Really nice video buddy. It’s got me curious what video footage is lurking on my old machine lol.

  9. Can you upload more please I need you good content

  10. Great vid thanks for sharing I truly enjoyed it stay awesome 👍❤

  11. The tc stacking was actually a thing and half blocks were also a thing

  12. Been playing Rust for a year now, I started because I randomly saw one of your videos. But sadly I think my time is over.
    I remember being completely obsessed with it, but I just don't feel it now.
    Anyway this was a awesome video 🙂 I'll probably stop playing, but I'll never stop watching your videos Holdalicious!

  13. vsss dat fresh kiddo steady aim hand+unstable emo eruptions……CONTENT

  14. When did the game lose the focus on being an adventure game, now it's turned into a pure shooter.
    Interesting that even most nakeds try to hunt other nakeds instead of cooperating.

  15. This looks like war and the buildings looks so much bigger compared to now

  16. BRO THIS IS SO AWESOME I WISH I HAD FOOTAGE FROM 2015 RUST DAYS BOI THIS WAS THE SHIt, im gonna subscribe to you buddy. still play rust to this day, but i struggle to find good teammates, i miss the old days when pvp was so easy to come by,
    i dcont like the moded servers at all.

  17. I startēd rust in 2019,gotta say, it seems like it used to be more fun.

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