The hardest solo only server in rust... -

The hardest solo only server in rust…

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  1. Gotta love the mp5 hopping out n chasing down a unarmed half nakey that’s big lame lol

  2. love that you sometimes play solo only. i think its super underrated part of rust. Lots of people dismiss it as too easy and that… doesnt make any sense? It's equal footing for everyone. If you're so good then show us why! anyway great video love the solo only server.

  3. Willjum having a heart attack was the type of content I didn’t know I needed

  4. This might be the greatest video you've ever made Will. It truly showcases the full rust experience lol

  5. This is my favorite Willjum patented base design!

  6. i admit you handled the car death better than most people.

  7. Lmao i played the wipe in this vid my shop u15 xD its funny when u know most of the names that willjum kills or got kille ahhaha. but no shit the car guy is hella toxic i hate him

  8. Its so weird to see someone play rust and chill everytime i play that game im fuckin pissed luv the content

  9. Why is Willjum getting angry at people only taking the scrap and leaving car parts when he did it himself so many times? He also done it with rad pills at supermarket aswell … maybe he ran back to his own mistakes at 14:30

  10. can always tell when the videos coming to the end cos i hear "in the distance" love it great vid!

  11. 00:59….Hypocrite…"I swear if I see more people leaving shit in these crates, im going to have a fit" 14:38

  12. will this mite be my first time seeing willjum swear

  13. Man, i was close to have a heart attack from ur scream lol

  14. Damn it Will! That AH FUCK nearly gave me a heart attack!!

  15. 14:32 => You are mad because someone let the junk in the box and just took the scrap but let's just rewind to 0:57 when you did the same…. LOL !!! It's karma time ! So it's ok when you do it to people but it's not acceptable when they are doing it to you . XD

  16. I am glad that you show your deaths as well. It's nice to be reminded that even high level players get destroyed, especially on that server.

  17. Assalamualaikum. Nice video. Keep it up. Dont give up. Peaplo will give u support. U can have million of subscriber!!


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  19. Man brad was controlling the whole server killing people left and right haha

  20. "Wish I had a nail gun in a situation like thisssss" -Willjum the snake 2021

  21. I love your excited voice so much (When you were eco raiding that TC). You sounded like a kid on Christmas morning.

  22. what is this music on the background? That's not rhythmic with your gameplay and the whole game.

  23. Logged in your server… 20seconds in and it kicks me for rule violation?

  24. One YouTuber I'd like to see you team up with even if it's just once is (Shots)

  25. Am I the only one who saw you leave car parts in a box in the first like 60 seconds and then complain about people doing that later? 😛

  26. whats the name of the song that goes "Happy iim happy… happy blablabla

  27. 1200 hours and I never knew you could mine with a bone club lol


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  29. Is this REALLY the hardest solo only server???

  30. Willyum challenge: post a video that doesn't have the world "solo" in the title.

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