The Grind is too REAL for us Solo Warriors on Rust - SOLO RUST #5 S83 -

The Grind is too REAL for us Solo Warriors on Rust – SOLO RUST #5 S83

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There’s lot of hustling to do to get the revenge raid on our neighbors, so lets get to workin..

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  1. Invest into ur self buy better PC parts or more of a good part cause I think this is ur full time job cause u post 2 times a day

  2. I think you would enjoy a trap base. You really don't need some complicated base design like Princevids does. Simple sometimes works the best. Had one where I just took the top doors off of my base and put ladders on the side of my base to make it look like I was raided. Had a box full of weapons after an hour or two. Usually you get online raided pretty quickly too which spices things up. Enjoying the videos, just discovered you a month ago and have been enjoying the content, keep up the good work.

  3. Grateful and rich yo. Awesome daily vids and awesome thoughts. PVP gets old a bit. Your topics of conversation are always pretty spot on and relevant. We appreciate the non ordinary approaches and focus. Im 33 and my son is almost 13. Your videos help us spend quality time together. We look forward to them greatly. You are Important. We are Grateful.

  4. Vault base video tutorial, when? Just curious how you built it looks cheap and efficient

  5. Dude you could of sold that fertilizer at bandit for like 7 million scrap not even like exaggerating you could of had a base full of LRs.. I mean it might of took a while to sell it all but it's pure worth

  6. I usually wouldn't comment but the animals. They are out of control even on small low pop servers. I have to have a silence every time I go out just to kill the 3 pack wolves. I've seen them guarding air drops and even running in packs of 6. Rust devs made easy too many animals this last update.

  7. Im GREATFULL for your daily episodes and amazing content+commentary..I would be happy to watch you farm the hole time 👍🤟👍🤟

  8. What's the custom bind for lowering the volume?

  9. I think episodes of you trying to build a trap base on a server will be very good. Alot of trap base videos are just the end results but seeing the actual grind to make one would be fun and more satisfying when you do trap someone.


  11. If your awake and gaming currently 3:42 am pst, if your raided next server look for decayed bases

  12. Wood door frame on metal door, you'll get less people than open door trap bases but you'll get more geared players about to raid

  13. Anything made with Aspartame is extremely bad for you.

  14. That fertilizer box you opened was 40,000 scrap worth of fertilizer if sold at bandit

  15. I don’t how to edit but I think it would be cool if Dylan released all his videos with little editing so we get more of his grind😃

  16. Yoo what cheat and spoofer you using trying to get on that gang

  17. Day 3 of Dylan calling Power plant "Nuke plant"

  18. That’s the wonderful thing about rust it doesn’t have to be just pvp or played a certain type of way it’s not all about that of course it’s fun to pvp and all but the game is set up to be able to play how you want to play and that’s what makes it great!!

  19. I ain't even gonna lie to u, when I first started watching ur channel I didn't like how cocky and arrogant u were, but after watching ur channel for about 3-4 months now I really enjoy ur play style and ur commentary. I wish that I had the money to get a nice PC but the reality is I'm on a series S playing rust and I guess that's good enough for me. Keep up the good content bro. I'd really like to see u comment back to ur community tho that's what makes a good content creator in my opinion

  20. Bro the fertilizer is worth so much scrap i actually died when i saw all of that

  21. you could have got 40,500 scrap from the fertilizer

  22. Bandit camp buys 1 fertilizer for 3 scrap 😂

  23. You can turn fertilizer to scrap in bandit that fertilizer was like 10k scrap


  24. Whines about getting killed outside oil rig by someone when there was no crate while heading to oilfield to literally camp it until it respawns lol

  25. Fucking hell Dylan why do you play with other players, why do you do not play solo, basically cheating at this point.

  26. 17:15 Yes, insane, probably glitch or bug used to get that much, even for a giig clan this is hard.
    You can get a lot of scrapt selling all this in bandit.

  27. an hour ??
    My bads have disapared in 15-30 mins never in any server a bag has lasted close to an hour for me.

  28. @shots
    No it's not more the items, it's the speed the items respawn.
    Basicly in high pop the items all over the map respawn mutch faster.

    Done/helped on many rust server settings conf over 5years, specially on the spawn & respawn of items and things.

  29. Someone count how many times he says like in a video

  30. I don’t think the last ep is even 24 hrs old- the grind is reallll

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