The Forgotten SEGA Console | Video Driver -

The Forgotten SEGA Console | Video Driver

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Sega Video Driver is a VCR based game from Sega, does it live up to their usual high gaming standards or is it another in the list of failed VHS games? Find out in this review.

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The Missing Link – The Whole Other
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  1. Hi guys I have one of those things, but it's faulty. The mechanism keeps getting stuck when it goes from back and forth on the track. I took it a apart but I'm perplexed with the thing. It doesn't seem to want to stay in the track. The little cog goes clockwise and anticlockwise underneath as it should, so the steering wheel part is working. Anybody else had this problem?!

  2. Just play some C'etait un Rendezvous and you're set.

  3. Cool video, i had heard of this but had never seen one in action.

  4. The saddest part is the 6 minute runtime. You have a entire video cassette that can go for hours! But tape authoring costs by the minute, and every penny counts… sigh

    Even as kid I always thought these were ridiculous. Having a tiny car putter about at the bottom of the screen doesn't simulate driving in any way from this camera perspective. It's totally incongruous. Much better would be to have an aerial perspective of the road, but of course that would've required really expensive helicopter shots. With such view and using the same physical console, you could have had a sort of analog version of those slalom games where you have to snake through a narrow road.

  5. No way I forgotten this had ever existed. What a heap of junk in hindsight.

  6. The Japan version of California Chase with the car and surfboard is Tokyo Chase since I do not know what the Japanese translation to English is.

  7. I feel bad for those kids that got this as a present or something back in the day! =(

  8. This is similar to that VHS thing that hasn't been hit on the ARG wheel of crap isn't it?

  9. All of these are based on a format called VHS Data Backups a hard drive alternative for keeping your data safe if your hard drive was to blow in a buisness and schooling envionment.

    Edit:ok this is litural VHS tapes gimmicky crap.

  10. I had faint memories of getting this for Christmas 1988. I remember trying to play it Christmas Day, and then it quickly disappeared. I'm pretty sure my Dad returned it since it was a waste of cash.

  11. UK to Americanese. For Nappy read Diaper. For Charity Shop read Thrift Store!

  12. This device is silly, yet somehow hilarious.

  13. It wasn't forgotten, it was buried next to ET for Atari.

  14. I found this at a yard sale for 2$. Thanks to this video I never have to set it up and try it out…so thanks for that.

  15. I agonised for years looking at this in the argos catalogue when I was a little tyke thinking, that looks so awesome I must have it, kind of glad I didn't now. 🙂

  16. wow!! the graphics looks real. So Sega was ahead of even a modern PC with SLI RTX 2080ti and 32 core intel cpu with 256gb of DDR4 memory. Why not bring that kind of graphics to the arcade? I wonder what kind of GPU was running it…….incredible……just incredible.

  17. I just looked this up in the 1989 Argos Catalogue. The game was £48.99. Additional tapes: "Police Pursuit", and "Formula 1" were £6.45 each. According to the Bank of England multiply by 2.3 to get 2017 prices. Alternatives in the same catalogue were the film based Tomy Chasing Police Car (which changes speed when you change gear) for £18.95, the Tomy Racing Turbo set for £17.95 or the Grandstand Outrun Set complete with a small LCD screen for £24.95.

  18. We owned this – got it for Christmas, and it broke Christmas day! 😂🤣😁

  19. I pity the child who received one of these off Santa…. although probably not because he would probably be a spoiled brat who's parents have more money than sense.

  20. Very dangerous racing a truck while doing wheelies imo.

  21. Another nice video. I was a big fan of this in the old days. However I didn't own it. One of my Friends had it and I borrowed it a few times. I really enjoyed it. That one had the original Car and not a Truck hehehehe. Great stuff though and great to see it again after so many years.

  22. lol.. most silliest thing I've seen…. all it watch a video….

  23. Can you believe I bought this when it came out? I saw it at KB toy store, there was a demo playing and I was blown away by the graphics! Little did I know it was a freaking vhs tape! For lil oh me, it was ok. I was like 7yrs.

  24. I enjoyed that way too much, I have the sudden urge to want one of these quite badly now.

  25. I remember seeing this in the Argos catalog when I was a kid and desperately wanting one, as it was a game that was real! Now I can see the playability won't last long, a linear video where the only interaction is how many points you score is dull. You'd have more involvement doing the Observation Round on The Krypton Factor.

  26. ha I remember getting this for Christmas when i was a kid, and i am sure this will still be at my mum and dads house.. and i thought this was the state of the art when i was a child lol

  27. Fuck you Sega why the fuck do you still exist? But this is epic

  28. Im 36 now and i was eating dinner with my wife for some reason this game popped in my head when i had it at the age of 8 and had to google it lol what a rip off

  29. This thing was terrible. I was a big gamer when I was a kid so I think that's why they thought this would be a good gift for me. I remember feeling guilty because I was pretending I loved it, but I knew the moment I pulled this thing out that it was a piece of junk.

  30. Wow I was JUST thinking about this machine that I remembered from a kids party when I was like 4-5yrs old. I had no idea it was Sega, though the one I remember had a little red car (might have even been a motorbike I forget, but definitely red and not a truck). Serendipity.

  31. I played a game similar to this in the arcades around 1980 which involved driving through a forest trying to avoid trees but can't remember what it was called and haven't been able to find any information about it on the internet. I always wondered how it worked and now I know. Any ideas what this may have been?

  32. I remember playing this at my Friend Steve's House years ago!

  33. I remember playing that game as a kid. At that time it was amazing! . Watching the car chase video reminded so much memories.

  34. Let me tell you, I absolutely loved this thing when I was a kid. I remember my dad got a kick out of it to and always use to say "its video driver" in a funny voice. I miss it.

  35. The funny thing is that Sega would revisit this idea, kind of, with the 32X, which dumps a bunch of graphics and sound on top of the output of the Genesis and renders it out to the TV.

  36. This is hilarious! I especially like the bit where you make the Duel reference. Ahahahaha!

  37. man i remember this i was about 7 yrs old lmao

  38. A friend of mine got this device as a present, oh probably late 80s? I think we played it for an afternoon and quickly tired of it and went back to our ZX Spectrums. It just didn't have much replay appeal.

  39. Omg what a throw back. I remember building a card board car and using this. What great times man .

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