The Forest Review -

The Forest Review

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The Forest reviewed on PC by TJ Hafer.

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  1. So this game is on sale and I’m curious about this game does anyone know if this game has improved since it’s released

  2. Why didn’t this guy light his axe on fire in the caves???? Sitting there with it roaring on fire and then goes in the dark and uses the cheesy lighter😂

  3. It’s only 4 player multi player on PS4, not 8 players.

  4. the A.I remind me of the whisperers tactics from walking dead

  5. Lol please tell me you didn't play through 30 hours of that game not learning how to make a torch?

  6. Does IGN skim through games just to write as many reviews as possible?

  7. Clueless about the game tbh. You haven’t found out to use lights even though you have a lighter

  8. That's cool and all, but try doing all of that……but with 30 fps and all graphics settings on "lowest".

  9. Loved Robert Frost's stopping by woods on a snowy evening reference in the title of the review.

  10. if find it so terrifying when they chase you on all fours

  11. Ok dude we get it you read a thesaurus before making the video

  12. Caves use to be dark in real life too.But if ur smart enough u can light it pretty well.

  13. About the darkness you can change your lighting settings to see in the dark easily

  14. curently 60% off on steam im downloading it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. How is the forest on ps5 worth playing solo?

  16. this game and dying light got me into the horror genre.

  17. This reviewer definitely spent more time in a thesaurus rather than playing the actual game lmao. You can let him know we're not giving his review a letter grade.

  18. I've played this game for months and haven't even started the story. The game is most enjoyable when creating a base, expanding upon it, playing with a friend. Ignore the review and just buy it.

  19. The name of the reviewer who didn't made a single torch and complain about the lighting is T.J. Hafer

  20. Stranded deep needs update ps4 controls and tutorial on making fire while jumping up over and over on l2 and r2 its taken me 2 weeks no fire keep moving its a nightmare

  21. My buddy and me started playing this tonight. Such a fun game

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