The FAKE 2021 PS4 Mini Pro Game Console from Ali Express 😅 -

The FAKE 2021 PS4 Mini Pro Game Console from Ali Express 😅

Wicked Gamer & Collector
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They are back with an all in 1 2500+ Retro Game Console that looks like a weird deformed Mini Classic Pro PS4 Video Game System. Only it plays all.

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Console –
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Great Ali-Express Stores: 👌
Profonest Unique Hardware –
Pandora Games 3D / Arcade:
Kinhank Handhelds / Consoles:
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Retro Scaler –
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  1. Is there any of these consoles that play PS2 games well? That's all I need. Got a lot of PS2 games but hate playing them on the PC

  2. Do you know which processor is used? or is this an FPGA?

  3. Same thing from Solgerboy game HD console

  4. just need some custome and boom mini ps4 but it play nintendo game

  5. I use my Playstation real USB Playstation controller dongler with no lag and great vibration feed back with your real controller I am wondering just buy a real controller dongler to usb for that and use real controllers lol

  6. Omg. It looks like the table the DEA showed for a Pablo Escobar drug bust.

  7. No cooling, that system will die soon.

  8. Interesting that there is a placeholder for the LAN on the MB, what could it be for!?
    LAN Party with NES!? Or uploading games to this crappy SD Card through network, best workaroud ever to copy games 😀

  9. Really weird my phone can't handle the 2D games on N64 but 3D games it's a yes XD

  10. More of the same with these cheap consoles…👍👍

  11. Dude this look good console but if they put n64 or dreamcast emulator and games it then it will be more better

  12. Great to see they're starting to try and hold up to open source projects… how i would love to see a product FPGA-based that beats the current price-tag of MistR based hardware.

  13. Maybe the PS5 Mini Pro Game Console will be better 🙂

  14. They're actually ripping off the ps4 slim not the pro. Only two layers not three

  15. Those games honestly look better than the PS5 games.

  16. I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Since this the case of PS4 Slim (yes, slim. Not the Pro), I was expecting just another 8-bit Famiclone, not an actual emulation Gerät. Your unit seems to be from some flooded warehouse, Wicked. Even though Tekken 3 run slower, music did not stutter! Overall, there are better emu devices on AliExpress. Skip this one folks!

  17. you should wear a mask -don't want you to be killed by the plastic fantastic smell.
    Weird thing…
    I like the menu somehow, the stretched screen and performance not so much

  18. I still wonder what those chips were. I think if you remove the paste there should be something written on that chip.

  19. That Flame Elemental lady on the box art is a nice touch! 😎

  20. You broke the seals and lost your 12 month warranty … What have you been up to, Wicked? 🤣🤣🤣

  21. All these consoles are the same thing wrapped in a different shell… I'd like to see a knock off actual ps3 or better

  22. How many games are on that freakin' thing?

  23. Hey wicked can you make powkiddy rgb 10 max it is a upgrade of powkiddy rgb 10

  24. I can already tell this console sucks xD

  25. Aww man shame the builds crappie. I liked the fourm factor. Would like to see some more Snes and ps1 testing and if it except’s different controllers. Awesome video as always my dude

  26. I dont think the ps4 had any if those games released. Why would they make a mini ps4 with no official games? Wtf Sony?

  27. Great case for a raspberry pi emulation station project .

  28. I thought wicked had a brain fart moment and put it on the wrong channel 🤣

  29. Great video and too bad it is the same stuff as always but only added a bit more chemical controller

  30. Awful. Anyways, I will be VERY surprised the day you find something cheap that goes beyond Dreamcast emulation.

  31. I honestly like the look of the console. Prefer that over the super console X. Seems like it plays slightly better than the chinese knockoff standards. lol

  32. I'm starting to worry for your health with all the controller sniffing haha.

  33. A legitimate reason for adding a weight to the case, is so that it will not be as easily moved by the cables when they are connected.

  34. Looks like a fairly good mame machine, but I'd wager not for the price. 🙂 Most (if not all) my MAME is done on a low end PC running Debian…

  35. Can you add games? The seller says you can't.

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