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With the announcement of the Xbox Series X and the PS5, I thought I would go over “the console wars”, and my opinion on each generation of this neverending battle!


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  1. Halo has 6 games, so enjoy while you still can!

  2. Well i used to play on the ps4 but i used to payed money money but on pc i pay 0$

  3. i have every console and a pc but ps4 is the best

  4. I like all of them. I have a Switch and a PS4 but I would also like to have an X-BOX

  5. How about this, no more playstation fan, xbox fan, or nintendo fan, how about GAMER

  6. I think 🤔 Sony and I like and I like 👍 the games on sony ps4 like gta5

  7. Lol my parents just got me a PS4 like 7 yrs ago and I still use the old bad boy and it’s works flawlessly. However there is a bit of fan noise on better graphics games like apex and Star Wars battle front 2

  8. I love x box mostly because the controls and halow

  9. I love X box because the controller. Pc is more expensive so I’d rather get my games like halo on xbox

  10. I do not mind what console I just like video games

  11. Lets get this strait first i like god on war i like hale i like mario and i like pc but only one is my favorite halo the master chief collection for xbox one i love xbox cause there controllers are better looking and are just better integrity plus whats with the huge button in the middle of your controllers play station 4

  12. Hold up your telling me tloz botw is on the wii u

  13. PS bicus in xbox controler you need batery

  14. The only ones who care about the console wars are the fanboy elitist of the brands.

  15. I like XBox and Playstation the same, but I like Nintendo better because, P o k e m o n

  16. God of War: PlayStation 4, Mario: Nintendo, Master Chief: Xbox Series X

  17. It's always Halo 1 or Halo 3, never Halo 2 😞

  18. Nintendo because it has better games than Sony and Microsoft combined

  19. Microsoft is better because look who made most of your computer software
    just sayin

  20. I like how you said war never changes from fallout 4

  21. we will be waiting for the steam deck to join the console wars

  22. You're leaving out a lot of things about the newer xbox consoles. With the backwards compatible games a lot of them run better and look better some play 4K with at 60fps and certain games with emulators still can't run that well on PC for example you can now play Sonic Unleashed on Xbox series X at a smooth constant 60fps that game never came out on PC so you can try running it on xenia or rpsc3 but it will not run as well as that not even close not at this point.

  23. I never recruited to the wars. I was on the 360, because fuckin HALO! But then Spider-Man was revealed and I have been a spider-fan since my childhood. I also have a Switch for Splatoon and Zelda and Smash.

  24. In my opinion the best company of consoles is


  25. I like xbox because halo mcc,having all my old halo games

  26. I’m a PlayStation player because it has the best games

  27. I like PlayStation cuz they're released like so many good games I got a war Grand theft Auto v like PlayStation has release PS5 and Microsoft just released a new controller but it's Larry the same like seriously Microsoft you took an old controller from one of the Xboxes and just modified it cheap

  28. I’m my opinion ps4 for has more games like horizan zero dawn | doom eternal | overwatch | warzone | minecraft | epex legends | god of war | spider man, and much more then that the only reason I would buy Xbox because of halo, that’s just my opinion.

  29. I know playstation is better but you didn't have to do xbox that dirty bro.

  30. The ps games might be better at there time, but they get forgotten so easily. Xbox games are played so much tho

  31. The wii is the superior console I grew up with a wii so I played wii sports resort which was my favourite but now I play PlayStation 4 but the wii is better than every console

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