The Bitter Reality Of Video Game Addiction -

The Bitter Reality Of Video Game Addiction

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The Cold Reality Of Video Game Addiction
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I’m sharing this video in an uncomfortable state as it is very personal. Not every secret is easily told. If this video helps just one person who is addicted to video games, than I will feel good about putting myself out there.

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  1. We all get addicted to something at a part of our life .. games are none different …

  2. I feel like im slowly coming out of it. i spent so much time on 2k rocket league and various story games in 2019. i mean days only eating one meal and playing the whole day. then 2020 hit and i went back a little bit but i do remember making a conscious effort during that time to get off my computer and just go outside or do things around the house. now its almost 22 and i still spend alot of time on my computer but i have a steady income and im spending more time on my garden and cleaning up my house so i still need to work on it but im doing better its also crazy that 2019 was when i stopped smoking weed and doing drugs and im slowly but surely kicking this addiction too im proud of myself but i still have so much work to do anyways great video it was very relatable

  3. video game addiction might have been a real thing for me when I was still in school, but goddamn, now I'm struggling to stay invested into any game I buy. I usually wait for new games to get cheaper and buy it later only for me to get bored about 4 hours in then I wanna do something else. I've enjoyed my times outside of gaming and now gaming feels like a chore rather than relaxing after work. I feel like I need to put in tons of effort just to play. Force myself to have fun.

  4. This year I've played almost 1.4k games of league to reach my goal of plat and I did it but I kept playing then demoted and kept playing and kept loosing and thats why I came here its time to end the season early I think and give myself a well earned break

  5. hard level video game kill and death the user.
    cause at video game robot common don't addic unless pretend can't.
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    so will not anger you by god in any video game unless it prevent and build you a strong IG

  6. yes when im 10 year old still any video game recognize me why?
    I'm so played him the robot at any hard video game level.
    true to self im very intertain his too.
    so im determine addict hahaha.
    but not proximum 24bours above.
    just for glory and passing time.

  7. Video games get shit on a lot for the wrong reasons. They are treated as inherently evil, when they can actually teach a lot of valuable skills and lessons. That said, you are touching on a legitimate and serious problem with gaming and modern society at large, and I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in raising awareness.

  8. The thing i ran to, to hide from my life is the very thing thats taking it from me.

  9. Thank you for sharing… I can relate to that. I was playing everyday and it was impacting my energy at work and my quality time with my children and wife. I have not played for the past 5 days (I've been clean… huahuahua!) and I am reading a book I've been really enjoying and my sleep has improved a lot. It's weird, but the same amout of sleep, makes me feel a lot better. I think the screen is really bad to our eyes and brains. I will try to play only on Fridays and Saturdays, as I used to do a while ago. But I think I won't be getting rid of this habit for now

  10. ive been playing ark for more years then i like to admit ive got over a year worth of hours , video game addiction runs deep in ark and almost requires it to keep anything you have worked for , i find myself quitting and rejoining , rebuilding , hating life while playing then hating it without
    i got the game a year into being engaged and now i live with my uncle slowly edging closer to the end because i just dont know how to people anymore
    i stay up days at a time fueled by coffee ,spite and self hatred knowing ark has destroyed whatever life i had and will probebly be the fuel behind what takes it
    i havent went through the comments yet but i have no doubt theres many people in these comments that struggle with ark
    my only advice to those who havent played ark yet ,,,, please dont

  11. This hit me hard…. i ususally see my phone or my ps4 more than my family… what has happened……

  12. Video games as hobby are important for certain group of people: introverts is example. Also, playing long story driven rpg's together with learning language, it has helped improving 3 languages in my case. Anyway gaming addiction hurts much less than dealing with relationships, especially some divorce..

  13. I am addicted to Pokémon white version two

  14. You struck a chord when you said you started with D2 and WoW, progressing into LoL. Same. I’m 32 years old, sitting in my car with my switch next to me, no house key, nobody to call or text. I want out. Games and weed have gone together since I can remember and I can’t express how bad I want both gone, yet still feel the inclination and NEED to keep going with them. I’ve stared at the hollow man in the mirror time and time again, maybe this is my last time

  15. Yes, video game addiction can ruin lives — it did to mine.

    Unlike you, who seemingly is quite gifted, studious and industrious (especially in a high income nation, USA, in a high income area, economics) I ended up with an addiction that lasted for over a decade, playing for 8+ hour every day (when possible, of course) and never excelling at school, at all and in any way (lovely that my current job is in a fkin call center, to only worsen my mental health even further).

    Mathematics is tremendously difficult for me, I've never gotten past 4th grade mathematics and always passed every school year with an "F" in mathematics (if straight A's in the US is like 90+ out of 100, I was an average of 50-60 out of 100 in every field of study and consistently had 0-20's out of 100 in mathematics).

    Video game addiction did destroy me completely, and I was already born as an average person within a terribly religious and uneducated family, with a myriad of psychological problems.

    I've quit video games 4 years agl and I still have nothing to look for — no prospect for the future or faith in ever improving from my current situation, despite desperate attempts, I had no help in the shitty island of the shitty nation I was born in and throughout every school year I was bullied to hell and beyond.

    Some video games addicts make it through, others, well, let's say to not have been born would be better (again, the place of birth, the environment, closest kin and mental/intellectual capabilities play an even larger role — and the fkers you encounter in life and wether or not you're a master fighter to knock them out, permanently).

    You had a really rough time, however, you had great potential just as much for all that time. I had a really rough time, without anything to give to society like you did, and everyone around me did all they could to "defeat me" — I'd love to see all the bullies and aggressors of my life choke and burn to death, of course I would.

    Anyways, the moral of the story is: if you're born in a highly developed nation, congratulations because you have a chance to bounce back.

    And if you're not and have severe problems like the ones mentioned in this video + whatever god knows that is difficult to cure? Pray to the universe you emigrated early, got a LOT of support from others or hope for a quick, painless death to arrive before you're thrown into the 8h, 5 day per week grind until you're a decrepit, old person.

  16. Video games are so addicting because mission you are on in the game gives you a strong sense of purpose and focus, whether it be finding a treasure, or killing an enemy, or destroying a building or whatever…unlike or normal lives in the real world which most often doesn't have this sense of purpose, and therefore our lives in the real world seem empty and boring in comparison.

  17. I’m glad that I don’t have addictive tendencies(as far as I know, I played lol for quite a while and then just quit because I got bored, still play a lot of different single player games but never felt like I can’t live without it or something, it’s just a hobby that I love

  18. I've never played LoL before. After this video, I'm pretty sure I won't be playing it in the future.

  19. I don’t have any addiction, if i had a food, alcohol, tabac etc. addiction i would’ve easily stopped but this … it controls your brain, i can’t stop, and i know i’m doing something bad but you just can’t let it go. I’m gonna try deleting all my games ….and treat it like it’s devil stay away from them even the mobile ones

  20. I'm a mom. My husband takes care of my son. I game 8plus hours. I installed LOL too and in 1 yr went from level 1 to level 310. I realized I need to stop. Having such a hard time. What is wrong with me? I don't know who to go for help.

  21. This really touched me and has inspired me more to get out of my situation. I'm only 19 and at least I'm coming to terms with what I've faced and what I threw away my teenage years. I'm still so young and I want to fix this now rather than never.

  22. I quit League of Legends for good after 9 years of playing. Feels strange, but refreshing.

  23. Wow took a part of me too man…I played tbc wotlk back in the day and it came back again with classic just recently which has been god awful. Like you I had a long break between, but it's easy to fall back into.

    I cant do anything when I'm playing wow i just completely give up anything for it. Just cooped in the room playing and ignoring my life.

    Shits hard man…those don't understand will never know.

  24. The way I see it it's your life. As long as you're not hurting yourself and others do whatever you want to. I can easily play 8 plus hours per day and it doesn't bother me one bit. I live my life the way I want. Not what other people would want me to

  25. people who get addicted to video games are usually loners who dont really have a life or they cant get interested in any productive real life hobbies. I tried wow for a year and it kinda consumed my life. I was smart enough to notice I was neglecting friends family and a few times work. I also put on 20 pounds in a year from sitting on my ass in front of the computer…so I HIT THE DELETE BUTTON..and my life was mine again. I am a much happier person for it as there is nothing greater than enjoying the great outdoors and fresh air.

  26. This is so dark cause I'm having the same video as well

  27. Bro. Why dont you stop being a consumer, and become the dealler?
    Saing REALY real to you, if you ever read that commentary, please, ponder in a very profound way.
    What in your life experience of hedonic conpulsive consuption of this class of experience, the videos games, can be sublimated and undestood as an insight of one of the true natures of "strong games", games that really hit the dopamine spot.

    Geting of that train of understanding, along a discipline in programing and game development, can, i assure, lead you to a breaktruth.

    I dare you to create a better drug suited to your needs.
    And share it with us.
    (please, if you think you cant handle and doing any of this may hurt you more then give you gains, just keep doing you normal bussines)

    Great video.

  28. Video games is a drug just like any other drug

  29. Thanks for sharing. This video was amazing. Anyone else watching in 2021?

  30. It´s only a problem if you can't chase what you want nor sustain yourself. If you can sustain yourself and want nothing else but gaming (no booming career, kids, friends, relations) then it is ok in my book.

  31. I always come back to this as reminder of how I can easily lose control

  32. This story resonates with me so strongly. I started playing FF14 at the end of July 2021 and am going to try to quit cold turkey as of today. I have retreated from my friends who feel like strangers, my work performance has suffered, my depression that I had before is worse, and my self esteem is about the same, which is, very low. The worst thing is that looking back, I have made no progress creating relationships IRL rather than on discord for maps/raids/trials, etc. I have gained weight, my apartment which was in the past generally clean is a complete mess that will require a massive effort to put back in a state that a friend could visit, and my diet is crap. I also have become less responsible at work and have missed important moments in my family’s lives. None of this is the fault of the game itself, or perhaps even it’s design to be psychologically rewarding to play. But I do not like this version of myself, and need to make a change, or I feel I am likely to do something harmful as the stuff that makes my life meaningful continues to erode.

  33. I play video games Everytime I can. I have no friends and feel lonely. don't have friends and struggle to find the wright people for me.I juste feel like I can't do anything in this time besides school and work.Can anybody help me😔

  34. I have spent a total of 1000 or so hours in just 5 months on gaming. And i think it has ruined my life. I am on my way to probably having cancer. So not great. But the only think makes me feel pain is that i have hurt my mother. And if i really have cancer i don't what it'll do to them. I really regret it. Don't let your life get fucked up like this.

  35. I used to play games bc there I can do things I can’t do in real life

  36. Thank you for posting this. I’m a 23 year old Aerospace Engineering student who works a part time job at State Farm doing sales. I am at a point where my life has been put on pause because of my video game addiction. I failed 3 classes last semester and as a result, I’m on academic probation. I’ve told myself for the last 5 years of college that I just have a hard time learning. I’ve lied to myself and refused to see that it has been video games this whole time. Today was that day of staring at myself in the mirror and crying because of what my life COULD be vs. where my life IS. This video helps me understand myself so much now. Thank you for being so personal. I will change who I am today.

  37. That sensation that when you are studying, eating, spending time with your family and friends, makes you want to run away to your room to play videogames, thats an addiction

  38. This topic means a lot to me as I have had to overcome a lot of hardship to not be "addicted to video games" any longer. My hope with this video is that people take video game addiction very seriously. If you think it will help anybody, please share this video around with your friends and such. My life has been formed around this addiction, and i'm sure many people have been and are in the same boat as I was. So please respect this topic and be polite to those that contribute or share their stories.

    If it helps at least someone out there, than this video is a success to me.

    If you have a story to share, please do so.

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