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THE BEST VIDEO GAME BOX ART! – Happy Console Gamer

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Looking at some of my Favourite Video Game Box Art!
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  1. MechWarrior 2 (PC). The image of a cool Battlemech (Timber Wolf) walking through a wall of flame. It's simple but effective and it hooked me into being a Battletech fan for life.

  2. The Y's cover looks like it could have been a classic prog rock album cover. Its got that kinda raw prog rock painted aesthetic

  3. Rewatched the video…my faves are 1. Metroid (FDS) 2. Castlevania 1 (NES) 3. NAM 1975 (NG) 4. Ghouls and Ghosts/Daimakaimura (GEN/MD) 5. Samurai Spirits Zero Special (NG)
    6. Mario 3 (Famicom, not NES) 7. Holy Diver (Famicom) 8. Splatterhouse (PC ENGINE version) 9. Zelda 1 (FDS) 10. Shinobi-Mark III

  4. as far as traditional art goes, I really love the Castlevania Judgement box art painted by Takeshi Obata since I've always been a huge fan of his work! He really captures the Gothic aesthetic really beautifully and manages to add his own personal flair that's easily reminiscent of Death Note.

    with digital box art, my favorite is DEFINITELY Final Fantasy X's box art with Tidus on the cover, standing in the water and gazing up with a determined smile on his face. Water is always beautiful, but the scenery in the box art makes you wish you were standing there with him and it personally gives me a feeling of optimism when I look at it, too, as dorky as it sounds.

  5. my fave box art is sonic the hedgehog 1 the US Box art version

  6. Favorite Box Arts (By console but not by ranking)
    Thunder Force III & IV
    Streets of Rage 2
    Gunstar Heroes
    Comix Zone
    Shinobi 3
    Super Metroid
    Contra 3
    DKC2 Diddys Kong Quest
    Castlevania IV
    R-Type 3
    Tekken 2
    Final Fantasy VII
    F-Zero GX
    Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
    Metroid Prime 2
    Star Fox Adventures
    Halo 2
    Knights of the Old Republic
    God of War II
    Gears of War 2
    Golden Sun The Lost Age

  7. I always liked the Castlevania box art for the GBA games. Especially Aria of Sorrow which is also my favourite game on the system.

  8. final fantasy 7 Mega man x4 Brave fencer Musashi bushido blade2 Finalfantasy origins

  9. Super Mario Bros. 2, 3 and Double Dragon III.

  10. Castlevania Adventure for the Gameboy has awesome box art. A very creepy giant Dracula with glowing white eyes reigns above his castle which is emiting tons of bats as Simon Belmont belmont is whipping and jumping his way towards it! Earthbound has a simple yet very effective box art and even the japanese box art for Mother 2 is great!

  11. Dragon Warrior II had some great D&D like box art, it was awesome 😀

    Also just have to say about Secret of Mana, that was one of the best games on the SNES. My God.. I remember renting it at a friend's house and I ended up staying there for the night playing it 2 player for hours on end. We both ended up buying the game within the following week haha. It was like $110 or 120 bucks too, just the regular edition. Games used to be so expensive. That was also $110 in 1993 which is a lot more money than that now.

    EDIT: Ok, I was curious so I used an inflation calculator from the Bank of Canada and it says that in todays money that's $163.00!

  12. One example of pretty cool box-art that comes to mind is Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness on the N64. The game was mediocre, but the cover looked so magical with Cornell just standing there on the cliff rearing up in his werewolf form with the mist around him. That cover was just so cool! Looked like a true gothic fantasy painting. (Mind you, I am referring to the European PAL Version, not the american one which looks like someone badly photoshopped an apathetic cut-out of Cornell onto a static background)

  13. My favorite box art is Sega Michael Jackson moon walker

  14. The Konami NES games all had fantastic box art. Some of my favorites as a kid!

  15. Does anyone remember how older box art was sometimes not a very accurate depiction of the game? Then that started to change in the 90's. Take a look at the original Turok Dinosaur Hunter box art, the variation which has Joshua Fireseed knife fighting a dinosaur. For those familiar with Turok lore, Joshua is the short-haired, young modern Turok who appears in the sequel, but he was never in Turok Dinosaur Hunter. I think that's an interesting example. But anyway, that's one of my favourite box arts. Great old school 3D render.

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