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Testing Apple’s FORGOTTEN GAME CONSOLE from 1996!

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Apple made a game console, and holy crap, it’s horrible. Let’s try out the Atmark Pippin!!

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  1. Spindler sounds like Swindler. It all makes sense now.

  2. Just got my hands on one of the later models, one with a serial port and a floppy drive extension under, both supposedly very rare. No games to try yet.

  3. Hey linus try getting a nvidia high end card with it

  4. Apple graphics and frame-rates in games haven’t really chanced in all those years, still getting only 40 FPS on my iMac in csgo with lowest settings, and only getting 20 FPS in roblox

  5. The quality duffrence in just 4 years is incomprehensible

  6. my god this was almost 4 years ago, WE NEED TO GO BACK

  7. Why do they seem both secretly really pissed at each other

  8. I have apple jacks when I was a kid and have some on the shelf right now!!!

  9. I'm sure it's been said but can you port doom to run on it

  10. i swear i can hear the really high pitched noise from his tv it's very quiet but it's definitely there.

  11. How forgotten is it if you still know it exists

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