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  1. i dont hack and will never hack on rust but if someone had a game ban are they not allowed to play on any rust servers ?

  2. The kid at 10.45 the only way his account could off got banned if he purchased something without his parents consent on there card so they call bank to get money back and account gets banned possibly could of happened

  3. I just wanted to say I just subscribed because you're right if I liked the videos I should help you out with making them making them keep it up you're awesome thank you for what you do

  4. You should bring your son on more he's hilarious

  5. ftr accident dislike i then undisliked and re liked idk if you see thoes lmao

  6. Heres an idea….just for giggles …when you have 100% confirmed a person is a cheater, instead of you the admin punishing him, allow the entire server to deal justice by enabling aim-bot + ESP for all players but the only person that is targetted or can be targetted is the cheater. Aim-bot + ESP ability goes away for all players immediately upon cheaters ban from server.

  7. Tbh… explain how someone can redeem… like having a gameban 200 days old.. and not playing dirty anymore.. it is kinda stupid to ban them again for that… basically they cant play anymore…what im trying to say.. sometimes it is admin abuse..u cant just fuck with people's money at ur desire even if they've done mistakes on the past. All i see is another reason for content. For instance.. i know a guy who played on istanbul x10.. he legit raided a admin base,blew up the doors ,replace the tc and stole de base,next day he got banned out of frustration for no clip… lol… i watched him use a ton of c4 raiding the armored base.. now he gets banned because of that particular crybaby ban,hes considered a cheater. This is wrong on so many levels. Rust is a toxic comunity.. players and admins alike. Waste of 40 bucks. And admins fucking with players using esp casually should be considered cheating… i personally got trolled by cndblood on his servers..no ban..but constant bullying for no reason. I f7 rep him..flyhacking messing around on my base then flying to safe zones when i chase him. Thats some retarded child missbehavior…. for content on stream i guess. Many of you dont deserve admin privilege.

  8. Why are people getting banned if they no longer cheat ?

  9. Hey camomo thanks for another rust cheating video

  10. Love an Adimn who cares about Fair play! Cheaters have met there match with you 👍☺ And my makes a good video to enjoy👍

  11. Chinese players usually use good words to name the hacks/script, they call it 科技 a.k.a. technology

  12. Your kid, will be the greatest admin after you retire, but that will be in a long time… but the young one, will be great mod really fast.

  13. Camomo so do you guys ip ban because my brother likes to hack but we live in the same house will this mess with me?

  14. ⎝⧹༼◕ ͜ﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞﱞo.◕ ༽⧸⎠

  15. "Im six and Im a better cheater than you"
    I lost my shit hahahaha

  16. What server is that ? I will really enjoy that server with so good staff

  17. Btw Who invented the N word ROFL and now Racists LOOOL self insult owned

  18. That last clip was gold! What is Poo poo! LMAO

  19. How the fuck game devs still haven't solved cheating in online games in 2021?

  20. Is your kid allowed to call them champions?

  21. I am and have been subscribed. Proudly in the 25% .

  22. Have you banned anyone who wasn't cheating anymore and made that mistake years ago and kinda felt bad afterwards but you can't make exceptions because that's a spiral staircase of risks?

  23. all this free shout outs and marketing for memio and spoonkid hahaah, and the occasional stimpee hahaah always gets me.

    EDIT: also love how papa momo circled the name when he was talking to the "friend" cheater at the end… like he could see hahaha like the nod if you can hear me classic

    Love the vids momo keep em coming.

  24. Good job, I recognize a couple of em. =) I've cost em a bit of money, so far, too.

  25. so i really haven't played rust in my life and i wanna know uh are you a server admin or an actual game admin, this may be a stupid question probably idk

  26. I will never sub or like so please stop asking
    You lucky because you get view from me

  27. HAH my suggestion made it into the video!!! lol shit was great live yall should really go watch his live streams

  28. Hi, I really like your videos, I don't speak English, I'm learning more I'm Brazilian. I really like your admin videos

  29. He says his name different then how I would pronounce it

  30. Seeing a grown man call people stinky poo poo bum bum head cracks me up

  31. I rewatch videos multiple times eagerly awaiting the next upload, love you man

  32. lmao i love these things admins can do like shoot people to space. get em eaten by a shark, great videos 😀

  33. Ribs hurt from these laughs, "IRL" lolololol! Love your Jr. Chat Mod cameo segment! Nice vid , as always !

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