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Tekken (dunkview)

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The first polygon, textured map fighting game available.

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  1. I'm really disappointed that this wasn't a Kessen review.

  2. the graphics in Tekken 1 is like, when you hit a strike in bowling and it shows you a weird animation, on the screen that shows the scoreboard.

  3. 4:30 those are walnuts bro. Or was that the joke? Ahhhhh danky

  4. Dunkey: Talks about TEKKEN
    YouTube: That one goes in MORTAL KOMBAT category

  5. I can't believe they didn't include Big Yoshimitsu in this game.

  6. Tekken one damage is just like Guilty Gear Strive lol

  7. I love that in the video description Mortal Kombat is linked

  8. I'm pretty sure a Native American would not like buffalo, but prefer Bison.

  9. Nice tribute to AVGN on the start of the video. Loved it

  10. I just realized Yoshimitsu in Tekken and Soul Caliber are almost the same character.

  11. Wow this is such a treat. Waiting for the next one!

  12. why is the game featured in the description Mortal Kombat?

  13. its amazing to see that the only difference to the first two games are the graphics. the movesets are 1:1 the exact same lmao

  14. Anger digital pixels on the screen playing geek

  15. “It was a originally a horror game” lmaooo had me rolling 😭

  16. i hope you like roger and alex as much as i do

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