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Switching from Console to PC Overwatch Guide (Settings)

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An entire guide to help you transition from CONSOLE (XBOX/PS4/SWITCH) to PC Overwatch with ease – including settings, gameplay and more! If you found this video helpful, remember to like, comment and subscribe.

00:00 – Intro
00:48 – Mentality
02:50 – Hardware
05:56 – Video Settings
06:45 – Controls
07:50 – Sensitivity Settings
08:39 – Gameplay Tips
10:50 – Conclusion

Mouse –
Keyboard –
Mousepad –
Monitor –
Ashe Guide –


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  1. If this video does well.. I'll teach my mom how to play Overwatch

  2. now hopefully my mod paychecks will finally be coming in so i can buy a pc

  3. I’ll come back to this soon when I actually get one

  4. I do really wanna make the switch, guess the biggest obstacle for me is having money for a pc lol. Very good and informative video tho btw

  5. Lets go ive been waiting a hot minute this was really helpful for booth me on console and pc

  6. i went from switch to pc …. still trying to get used to it

  7. Console tanks can be the worst players when they play scared or function as a big DPS bragging about medals. My only issue about playing on PC is that it felt super awkward with the keyboard like I had to relearn the entire game again. Ironically I still smacked people with the controller on arcade without the aim asssist but when I saw what people could do with Hanzo and Genji at a higher level I lost all faith in the sticks but it kinda made me have more respect and pride in the difficulty of aiming with a controller.

    I've played other games on PC with MKB and came to the same conclusion that the mouse feels rediculously easy to aim with and for that reason it is unappealing to me. My only real gripe is getting used to the keyboard is tedious as I find myself frustrated pressing the wrong keys and fumbling the cooldowns as it is not as intuitive as a controller. I defintely see all the benifits of MKB and perhaps in the future I'll really lean into it but for now I don't mind console overwatch, I just wish the community had better game sense in the Elos below Diamond

  8. you were the main person who motivated me to try playing overwatch on my pc ❤️

  9. Warn! The Absoulte GOAT of OW struggled when switching to PC too? There is hope for the rest of us! On the real tho, it has been amazing to watch your switch from console to PC – love you man, stay well

  10. As a person switching to pc soon, these are some really good tips…my biggest hurdle ill probably hit is knowing ill suck bad for a bit till i get used to the controls but that shouldn't be too hard to get past

  11. warn yk i do all your saying but on console btw switching to pc is cool and all but not everyone has the money for a good one so yeah i'm staying on console atm but wen i'll get to pc you can bet i'll be thare to kick your ass in a frendly way of corse ^^ till den gl hf and have a great day mate

  12. Good video warn, unfortunately for me though I’ve swapped from pc to console LOL

  13. what console were u playing on to only get 20-30 fps on overwatch hello lol

  14. Everyday we stray further and further away from Irene. I am not okay.

  15. How long does it take to adjust to pc controls in general?

  16. I myself switched from console to pc about a year ago. I am a doom player and doom feels significantly better on pc due to being able to turn faster on pull off more techs. Highly recommend pc over console to anyone.

  17. This literally covered all my questions… Gen 4 music rly slapped

  18. The sage shares his wisdom with us, at last!

  19. needed this warn. im curremtly a tank player making the switch and this video helped me realize its possible and the potential is there. appreciate you big time homie. thank you

  20. Why do you speak so differently in these vids

  21. I mean..when ya cant afford to switch from PS4…to PC….ha..ya cant ;_;

  22. I recently just got back into Overwatch and since I now have a pc I have been playing on here and I find myself having a lot more fun on pc then on console Overwatch cause on here compared to console people actually care about winning and getting higher in the ranks compared to console where it was more just casual players playing for a bit of fun

  23. "Having your legs up like a goblin" Shows XQC

  24. do you think if someone were to practice one hero in try hard ffa for 1000 hours, do u think when they come back to comp they will farm everyone and rank up?(terms of gold players)

  25. man you hit everything on point lol… tanks on console are mostly veeerrryyyy unaware lol. An everytime l say l peak 4.2 on console everyone says "oh so ur like plat on pc" LMAO like wtf

  26. Okay, but what about PC to Console? I'm trying to pop off on the Switch like Super.

  27. We both swapped from ps4 to pc at about the same time aha

  28. just got a pc for Christmas and this helps alot thank u mr warn

  29. I aswell switched in end of 2020 to PC and I can definetly say that I was trash in the beginning. Now I am improving. I also agree on basically every point you made there. At the beginning my sens was on 50 and yes it was too high and now its on ~15

  30. I dont see any benefits of pc overwatch except it's just easier. I prefer the hard way. And controllers are just comfortable.
    There are even top 500 players who use controllers on pc like Joystick.
    Console to PC players prove that it's not about platform but about skill then I'll take console.

  31. lol, i made the switch from pc to console. Console is so much more relaxing for simple everyday overwatch gaming. I smashed my mouse, keyboard and monitor, it cost me so much money.
    With console i dont get tilted anymore, and is just so much more relaxing.
    Btw, also i was already looking up to needing to make new huge investments for ow2, ps5 is so much cheaper.

  32. So informative! I love this. I never really played much FPS on console (or FPS in general) but it's good to know for people who need to make the switch.

  33. i just switched from ps4 to pc too, i waited this video like a kid thx man

  34. Ooh I am a little late to the party, I have been gaming on console for pretty much my entire life and I can't quite get the hang of aiming on a mouse yet. This video does help out a lot, but if anyone is a pc widow main who use to play on console could I get some tips >.>

    My console aim: https://youtu.be/epFy1ljZ4Ks
    My pc aim is nothing near my console aim

    Warn I was one of the first people you did a gmsr to https://youtu.be/FX7A_fpFAfI

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