Super Console X PC Review - The Ultimate Mini Emulation PC? -

Super Console X PC Review – The Ultimate Mini Emulation PC?

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The Super Console X PC also known as the Super Console PC Box Is a Ready to play Mini Emulation PC powered by an Intel Xeon Cpu and backed by 8GB of ram, They claim it can play PS2, PSP, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Sega Saturn, PS3 and WiiU and in this video we put it to the test and find out if this is this the new emulation king on the block? Should you buy one? let’s find out.


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  1. Is there a reason why many of the plug and play emulators don’t carry any of the EA sports games? Or at least the year 2000 and beyond

  2. question : you can upload other rom manually ?

  3. Thanks for the video here. As I'm new to this, I have what is potentially a "stupid" question… can this be upgraded (RAM, & such)?

  4. Just bought the GMK Nucbox 2 last week for $370 which has a better spec than this.

    For those interested ETA also reviewed it but mine apparently has been upgraded to a slightly faster i5 8279u. Happy that it can play PS2 and even Wii games out of the box.

  5. Hi there =) -I´m from Germany and couldn`t anywhere finde this console PC box. Also some of the links above do not work anymore. Do you have an idea where to find it? Thanks in advance…

  6. Can this be put in my GRS arcade using the same usb hap buttons? would it be a plug and play

  7. Where are you? I can buy them, give me a web page

  8. Does this system run N64 Hangtime? Can you confirm, please? Thanks!

  9. I wonder about how much of a performance boost this device would get from upgrading ram to 16 or 32 gb.

  10. If this system is underpowered for running some titles what console actually has what it takes?

  11. Would love to get a childhood favourite of Splashdown on PS2. How easy is it to install own ROMS on this unit and what is process (in case I do find a SPlashdown ROM somewhere)??

  12. and does this system have the emulator program called openbor?thanks.

  13. great video. thanks for the info. looks awesome

  14. When you say do it yourself with a PC for less money can you can download all those titles?

  15. I'm building an AMD 5600G APU system for that same price which will be way more powerful and better GPU.

  16. Great video! Any chance you will do an update video on this with what you did to get PSP running better and the BIOS tweaks? I recently ordered one and videos about it are scarce.

  17. Is this considered a better option than the Retropie 4 consoles?

  18. Hello
    How is the Wii performance in this console?
    And did you tried lord of the rings PS2 games? Thanks

  19. Does ot work on at games legend arcade like console x does?

  20. I have one and it doesn't work. The hdmi won't output on any TV. They won't accept it back either. It's disappointing as I've paid almost 540 pounds for it



  23. I am new to all of this, but could I just plug this in to my tv and just go from there?

  24. Is the 2TB hard drive bootable on its own with emulators & roms? I have spare PCs to use if it does boot with everything loaded.

  25. Can you please make a video on how to add extra emulators on it?like the program open bor,thanks.

  26. Hi thank you for the video!! How to you get to the manu to adjust the 2x, 3x upscaling??

  27. Hey eta you should write ps3 and wii u in thumbnail or tite

  28. In soul caliber when i saw taki i thought that eta stole it from taki udon

  29. Can that run android games on the tv? Either through android emulation core or android over usb boot?

  30. For middle age target audience who can easily afford this as something for the man cave without spending days or weeks tinkering, this is perfect.

  31. So I just bought one of these but I am not sure how to navigate the system with the controller. How do I get into system settings? Is there a manual somewhere I can download? Also how do you add games?

  32. Can you try out Galaxian79. If you can please let me know if you think it runs ok.

  33. Do any of these machines have the arcade Lunar Lander from 1979?

  34. Hi great video. How do you switch from games to Windows? Cheers

  35. Hi ETA,

    I have same device but stop display the screen after take it to work shop they informed me the motherboard is neeed to replace

    Can you please help me to find one
    Appreciate you support

  36. @ETA PRIME what model of screen is that? I'm only asking because my PC X emulator is hooked up to my 41 inch tv and was wondering which size screen, model, etc is best for game emulation at this level of quality?

  37. Does this device have Vigilante 8 by any chance?! Or Blood Roar (1 or 2)? Also, any Street Fighter (Sega editions)? The Crash universe (Crash Bandicoot ps1 and 2 and the Crash Bash games or Crash racing?) these are the games I grew up playing and my brother would freak out if I give him this device with these games on his birthday!

    Please if you could help me answer that.

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