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(SUP) Retro Classic Portable Video game console unboxing & Review

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(SUP) Retro Classic Portable Video game console unboxing & Review


  1. Thanks man , gifting this to my brother,glad to know we will be able to play togethor

  2. But maine tv mein connect kiya to virus chala gaya

  3. You are the first one to show how it works when connected to TV. you sir are the best. Rest all useless.

  4. can we connect the wires to pc or laptop?? pls say

  5. How to connect the wire in the tv i cant find the space to switch on the console

  6. Rimot k bina kaya 2 playars khala ja sak ta ha

  7. Hhhhhh i am gonna get this at 15 april


  8. Super Mario, Chip & Dale, Track & Field, Duck hunt, Clay shooting, Double Dragon 1/2/3, Contra, Contra 6 (Pirate), Bruce lee, Spiderman, Pokémon (Pocket monsters), Road fighter, TMNT, Tennis etc.

    How much to enjoy back then.

  9. Kia ea game console purana tv lag ta ha kia
    Plz replay me

  10. How does it indicate that it is fully charged

  11. I used to play super mario…. contra and bomber man…and rabbit game

  12. What will happen if someone swallowed the battery will they get diarrhea

  13. Thank you uncle I have been searching this console for a week that you again

  14. Thanks for making this video now I can my concole

  15. Sir pls share genuine purchase link for the product.

  16. Thanks good video. How long battery last?

  17. Very nice video 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  18. My sup game console is taking hours to get fully charge . Is my console damaged or it actually takes some time to charge up .

    Please somebody help me 🙏🙏

  19. 2 log tv main Ek sath khel sakte hai kya?

  20. I am buying red one my favorite color 😊

  21. My one had 2.5mm jack. And the cable is so short that I have to sit right in front of the tv

  22. Atleast my child not take mobile and I am also play super video games with child thank you so much❤😊

  23. Bro yeh mere pas bhi hai par mere pas 2and player remote nahi hai 1 player 2player nahi

  24. So cute. Better than phone and computer games these days bad for overall healthy and eye sight . This is Much healthier habits

  25. I buy it on Amazon but the Mario sound is not good

  26. TV par khelne ke liya wire ka enter kuch zyada kam nai hai 🙁

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