Stellaris: Console Edition - "The fall of an Empire" - In-Game Trailer ESRB -

Stellaris: Console Edition – “The fall of an Empire” – In-Game Trailer ESRB

Paradox Interactive
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Available Q1 2019

Paradox Development Studio is bringing the grand strategy genre to consoles for the first time ever with Stellaris: Console Edition. Whether through politics, diplomacy, or military strength, Stellaris: Console Edition puts your empire’s control in your hands.

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  1. Players: Wow man the lore is amazing!, can't believe you were capable of writing all these sorts of things.
    Me as the gm: Yeah of course I am one of the greats after all…
    Nervously sweating as I got all this lore and such from simply playing a full campaign of stellaris

  2. Kind of hope they make the following Empires the more likely candidate to go and become the crisis

  3. I need to know who’s voice this is. It feels like my ears are being made sweet love to

  4. I hate how sectors got shafted and civilwars and separatist movements in the game never happen anymore :

  5. This Stellaris trailer is ENDLESS

  6. Im expecting a DLC wherein you’re a God testing the fate of civilizations

  7. какая она медленая ппц просто !

  8. What does he mean with the last question saying “Are you?”.

  9. Message from the future, it’s not as bad as you think.

  10. Fallen empires discovering about long extinct civilizations, yikes the universe is so fucking old

  11. Love this game
    I want to one day get it on computer and download the Star Wars mods for it and a few other mods and play all of them right now I have it on PS4

  12. Former Empire forsakes Amenities, Housing and thus Stability. Former Empire becomes a Fallen Empire. Fallen Empire wakes back up once the kids start getting too close to their proverbial lawn, wanting to blast the upstarts off their proverbial lawn.

    Still warmongers who won't manage their people for shit, but demand everyone else live their shitty ways, starts a War in Heaven.

    Fallen Empires are boomers.

  13. I would love it if Paradox would let us play as a fallen empire, maybe in a new DLC?

  14. “It began with a thirst for knowledge”
    Oh god, he didn’t pretend to be a god again, did he?

  15. Ah yes border gore, a classic strategy back in the day

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