Steam Deck Hands-On with Valve's Handheld Gaming PC! -

Steam Deck Hands-On with Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC!

Adam Savage’s Tested
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We visit Valve to go hands-on with the latest prototypes of the Steam Deck–the upcoming handheld gaming PC that will let you play PC games anywhere. We load up a few high-end games to check the Steam Deck’s performance, dive into the new SteamOS user interface, and chat with Valve designers about the design and making of this ambitious portable gaming device!

Learn more about the Valve Steam Deck here:

Shot by Bill Doran and Norman Chan
Edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

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  1. that sea of thieves was sub 60fps you can see the gitteriness hahahaa ewwwww

  2. what i learnt over time ,… the original switch is too long to be comfortable , and this will be worse , whilst i sat and completed ffx on ps vita no problem with its form factor

  3. Stop using the word excited no one uses it in real life it screams marketing

  4. Anyone else dig out the ol’ steam controller to get ready for this? Side, note I wonder if this goes well they might come out with a new steam controller.

  5. ltt needs to allways get in to whatever video thay can

  6. just think it's too long and the touchpad is unnecessary.

  7. When talking don't wear a mask, when not talking wear a mask. This is insanity at it's finest.

  8. Can it be use in dock mode like nintendo switch?

  9. The more I find out about this device the happier I am I have a pre order in.

  10. This is awesome, but I wish it was more like a Switch. It seems very wide and uncomfortable to hold. Joysticks are next to the buttons instead of below them too.
    What if the Steam Deck had a kickstand and detachable controllers that you could connect into one controller?
    Although putting the Steam Deck on the table with the vent at the bottom seems problematic.

  11. I can’t wait to get this. Too bad the model I preordered comes until next yeae

  12. This is not the first time a major company tried this. Razor comes to mind.

  13. Proton's not an emulator… its a translation layer

  14. Let down by psvita and waiting for switch pro and never coming!!! Never ending ps5 out of stock issue with lame 2nd addition!!
    I ordered 256gb and excited to play aaa games in handheld, Finally wait is over!!!

  15. Just realized at about 6 minutes in you can hear Linus in the background :p

  16. But will it play Arkham Knight, City, Asylum, and Origins???

  17. finally ill be able to play GTA 4 on this …..screw gta 5..that games WHACK

  18. Weird how steam thinks the gamepad controls are a PS4 controller…

  19. 0:51 It's not an emulator! Proton is based off of WINE (W)hich (I)s (N)ot an (E)mulator.

  20. People keep commenting he's asking about windows too much, but no one else ask, is interesting how the different line.of questions got so much extra detail. 10/10

  21. Can you plug in an X-Box controller if you just want to prop it up on a stand?

  22. Hope they will support vr on it, it will be an amazing vr stand alone.

  23. The placement of those analogs still looks horrible, and judging by how uncomfortable it looks when moving the camera at 20:30 I still think it's not gonna be good.

  24. Those Windows questions were a bit dumb. Is Norm going to install Windows on a Xbox?

  25. Its too big to carry outside home. Nope. And seriously LCD in 2021? PS Vita had an OLED display in 2011!

  26. I noticed when you went onto the settings it said the CPU was only running 4 logical threads and not 8. Also VRAM was set to 1024MB which isn't a lot of VRAM even for 800p gaming.

  27. Everyone talking about Linus but all I can see are Jan and Rorie.

  28. Would you be able to play Socom on this?

  29. If properly docked/connected to an Oled tv, how will the SDeck look and perform compared to a next gen console?

  30. Nice device
    But I don't want it
    Don't need it
    It's a waste of money

  31. Thank you for asking those questions about windows and drivers, this is the only video that has covered this I think


  33. lmao in this one linus is louder than the actual presentor

  34. Correction: NOT Emulator, but Compatibility Layer. Proton is based on Wine, which literally stands for "Wine is not an Emulator". See it more as a Translator.

  35. As a fellow Canadian, I'm sorry Linus made the room so noisy. But I also came over because of them.

    Definitely a worthwhile video that touched on a few different topics than LMG.

  36. Just run this through RTX voice/Nvidia Broadcast.

    If you only want to hear Linus.

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