Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC -

Steam Deck: First Hands-On With Valve’s Handheld Gaming PC

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We went to Valve’s office to go hands-on with its new handheld gaming PC, the Steam Deck. IGN’s own Bo Moore goes in-depth on how its controller feels, its desktop mode, its price and models, and a whole lot more.

The Steam Deck, is a handheld gaming PC with a form-factor similar to that of a Nintendo Switch. No hard release date has been given, but the Steam Deck has a launch planned for Holiday 2021, with a pre-order reservation system launching in the near future. The price starts at $399, with models that have more storage at $529 and $649 as well

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  1. The guy on the left sitting/staring awkwardly while the other guy is talking is so relatable lol

  2. Can you even install Death Stranding on the 64 GB model??

  3. Этой штуке надо добавить сзади 2 USB порта, для возможности подключать клавиатуру и мышь чтоб оно стало топ универсально и это будет хит епт!)

  4. Mrio and Zelda should can be playble for pc legally with out looking for rooms and emulators

  5. Its next gen gaming in a handheld.
    It is designed for pc games in a handheld.
    It can be a standalone pc with a docking station.
    How much you wanna bet that the quest 2 is involved in this.

  6. it's a low-cost-airline under-the-seat-bag friendly gaming device. They should bundle it in the ryanair checkout process.

  7. It’s gonna be impossible to get like everything else

  8. 720p, about same power as my gtx 1050ti laptop. Thats not that exciting tbh. Although a pick up and play system like Switch would allow me to get through my Steam backlog quicker.

  9. Dont see the point of the more expensive models. Just buy the cheapest and get a 2TB sd card.

  10. Even Death Stranding working on this miracle of technology? With 60 FPS?

  11. Wouldn't it be a great idea if there's a lite version of this thing without the mouse pads or whatever those things are called so that they can save cost.

  12. Can you use a wireless mouse and keyboard with the handheld? If so, I'm sold.

  13. So I'm confused my phone can do 1080 p but Nintendo switch an this is stuck at 720 p 🤔

  14. wouldn't they be losing money because I'm pretty sure it costs a lot more than that to make a steam deck

  15. I'm so impatiently waiting for this 😪 like every couple weeks I'll see if any new videos have come out with steam deck gameplay or something.

  16. When will these companies learn about the bezel we don’t want them they are pointless to even be there.

  17. Expected order availability: After Q2 2022, lol. According to the web site people will be waiting a LONGGGGGGGGG time for it!

  18. This price is better than most up Apple Products

  19. Yeah how to seal steam deck let's just and as half life 3 no give in 10 years

  20. What’s the frame rate look like though that’s my question

  21. Will it beat nintendo? Is not that easy fergussoo 😎

  22. VALVE LOOKING AT THE CONSOLE WARS: "Tiny pathetic children."

  23. They start taking about performance while playing Portal.

  24. 2 teraflops 🤣🤣🤣 $400 sounds like a steal right guys ? Guys?

  25. cant wait until epic makes their own steamdeck ripoff

  26. Why is this being compared to Switch if u can't dock to TV? There's no comparison. Most console/handheld gamers don't care for desktop.

  27. This thing is massive… its shoulder width for the guy in dark blue. Is it really more portable than a laptop (can be carried in a bag but not a pocket)?

  28. It’s crazy how bad the switch is in comparison

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