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So I stole a farmers fertilizer package… That’s some scrap right there.

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  1. Hey cnd i really love ur rust content, ur nuts! Keep it up bro

  2. Love your content brother keep up the awesome work

  3. You can get 102 scrap every 5 mins. Not 10

  4. i watch a lot of rust youtubers including the much smaller channels but whenever you post i always know it’s going to be good, good vibes good gameplay, always good entertainment keep up the good work

  5. Hey man what could I do for rust admin like only for your server I’ll be active most of the time and be there and ban a lot of people what do u sayv

  6. It's not worth farming for fertilizers. It take u 1 hr to redeem a mini

  7. So this entire video title is about you getting fertilizer? Trash content yawn

  8. The video was good and all but shame the way its ended

  9. DONT WATCH! Video isn’t about an inventory of scrap it’s about a row and a half of fertilizer that CND doesn’t even bother selling. Shit content for an inventory of shit

  10. 35:00 it was them who raided your little base , they had the hv rockets and the mp5 with that white skin

  11. I dont get why they have the NPC shops set to run out. With all of the servers with higher rates and such it makes no sense.

  12. Your so dumb for going out and looting ur body while the guy named ZenMe was still fighting u :/

  13. Nice video! Tunnel vision so hard on that raid tho XD

  14. Thks CNDBlood, great vid bro!! 💪🏻😎👍🏻

  15. GGs Nice Wipe!

    Kinda sad there’s less and less people on the 5x 🙁

  16. Anyone else notice his sub went from 259 to 258???

  17. avez vous un channel de français , j’apprend français lol

  18. My guy you just got a new sub absolutely amazing work

  19. Please for the love of God, PUT YOUR AIRLOCK DOOR THE OTHER WAY … so it doesn’t look into the entirety of your base -signed all of RUST

  20. That's over 12,000 scrap worth of fertilizer

  21. Zen Me shot the doorframe where your head was about to be before you even opened the door, from on the mountain. Instantly gave it away to me that he was a cheater

  22. Yea I don't understand how people can play this game with so many cheaters running around like that.

  23. You are the friendliest chad in rust lol great video man

  24. yo t tu quebequoi 🐱‍🐉🦒🦍?

  25. To be honest, i dont really think about the quality at all unless you point it out. Most people just playback the stream anyway these days.

  26. I pity cheaters clearly their life is so depressing that to just gain the smallest amount of happiness they have to cheat in an online game. I would rather die than live a day in their shoes cos it must be so depressing

  27. Goddamn raid Shadow Legends whoever responses them is f**** desperate for money . Does billions of people talking about it of how boring it is to play someone video them playing it and after an hour playing it a button that says Auto you get a button that plays the game for you

  28. Raid Shadow Legends after an hour playing you get a button that auto fights for you

  29. Raid Shadow Legends is a wast of your life to play plz dont get it

  30. On . Raid Shadow Legends You get a button after 1h of playing it that play the game for u

  31. To all pc gamers are master race people if your so great why yall gotta hack so often

  32. i wanna be that annoying person right now so… they dont make %33 percent profit in your first offer they would make %50 percent on your second offer they would make %200 profit XD sorry

  33. "Haha My Door".. i seen that and said to myself, "Hey i got that skin too" lol

  34. really like the new sewer but miss the old cave. so many easy pickens from the dark.

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