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Splitgate: First Console Gameplay – IGN Summer of Gaming 2021

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Combining Halo and Portal, Splitgate is a online multiplayer shooter looking to take you back to the good old days but with a fresh spin. In this video, you’ll get a good look at what the game will look like running on console. Splitgate is launching on Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms on July 27th. Can’t wait until then? No problem. Splitgate goes into open beta on console from July 1st – 6th. Sign up at splitgate.com.

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  1. There are some Situations where He knows where the enemys are. As an old Counterstrike Player from the beginning, its a bit weird to see.Other people would say he cheats in some Situations.

  2. He must have drank Gfuel and Redbull together

  3. My buddy at work just told me about this game and literally described it as "Halo and Portal combined."

    Holy crap, he was right on the money, this looks amazing!

  4. lol why is your crosshair NEVER on where you hit them

  5. This game is gonna be dead when halo multiplayer comes out, trust me

  6. This looks entirely different from what I've played 2 years ago, much better

  7. Sounds like Lord Shaxx from Destiny Crucible lol

  8. Looks like a mix of Quake, Halo, Unreal Tournament, and Portal interesting.

  9. Impressive work.

    Didn't think IGN of all organizations would impress me enough to want to get a new game.

    Well done!

  10. Is it just me or the graphics on ps4 are downgrade than pc ?

  11. The trick shots you can pull off in this game are remarkable

  12. Now with weapon skins, you can make all your weapons look horrible like their textures are broken! Great!

  13. This game is massively fun! I'm thinking of playing ranked, anyone have any tips?

  14. Is it better to play this on PC or console???

  15. It’s like Halo and Portal had a frikin baby, and then the baby hooked up with Overwatch.

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