Soulja Boy's Game Console - Before You Buy -

Soulja Boy’s Game Console – Before You Buy

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Music artist/entrepreneur Soula Boy is releasing video game consoles. How exactly does it work? We got our hands on one.
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  1. He is neither a Gamer, Nor a Business Man. Just a scammer selling overpriced knockoffs. Lmao

  2. And the one hit wonder scammer is back at it again. 😅

  3. I have something like this that works so much better. It's called an Android Phone

  4. It's like PS3 and Xbox 360 had an ugly baby

  5. Before you buy this console:
    1. Don’t
    2. …

  6. Where can I find this master piece ilv been looking

  7. Before you buy…. So I have to die first!?

  8. Yo I don’t even need a before a you buy a Soulja boy console i know it’s perfect

  9. Come on guyz don't waste your time go for authentic views >.< c0m to get likes ,views on youtube .

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