Soulja Boy CANNOT Sell This Game Console -

Soulja Boy CANNOT Sell This Game Console

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Soulja Boy is currently selling several systems at marked up prices from what has been identified on both Amazon and Alliexpress. I ordered the system that we believe is his current system that he is drop shipping and it was sent to me in just a few days from Amazon. If this is indeed the system that he is selling and he ships the system, Soulja Boy could find himself in a lot of trouble with game companies.

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  1. Does the chip use thermal paste or liquid metal?

  2. I honestly wanna know if there is someone out there who uses those "consoles".

  3. The CPU in this is old, like 2013, and is used in other products like the Neo Geo Mini if I remember correctly.

  4. So theses are basically android boxes? If you're gonna sell pirated games for an android box, why not sell them with native Android games? Essentially a pirate Ouya bundle?

  5. First of all it isnt bought from the website and amazon sells everything secondly there is a difference between the two!! Still lit till this day with the game and it turns out to be pretty good. Based on the fact other kids couldnt afford a ps4 or xbox instead tho retro gameing is OG when it come to this.

  6. NO CORD NO PROBLEM i got hella cords in my house!

  7. My boy got the scale and it’s on grams what u been weighing up my boy 🤣🤣🔥🤷🏻‍♂️

  8. Smaller emulator consoles look cleaner I been playing on my super console x pro just wish it had a built in fan

  9. This is what comes out if you wash your Xbox One S too hot.

  10. Iv seen those controllers at Ross clothing store for 10$. He banking.

  11. 8 months in prison, hahahaha, what a dumb ass.
    Raspberry Pis are AWESOME!!!!!

  12. can't hate the player, hate the game. badumtsssssssssss

  13. Is keith courage in the Alpha zone on here?

  14. OMG… 8:16 That's a pic of Schwarzenegger and Stallone for Contra! I'm dying here!!! 😀

  15. Wired controllers in 2021

    He's bringing them back

  16. …Did I really see Super Mario 14 in there? Wtf? 🤣

  17. He is just smart, he is simply saying people hate him because of race and people believe him and they say he is innocent wow

  18. เค ทองหล่อ16 น้ําเงินฟ้า says:

    55555 gameboy on tv

  19. Junk to be thrown away sadly id never buy it more like overpriced cheap chinese bootleg system j.u.n.k

  20. I had my video speed at 75% for at least five minutes and I just kept saying to myself man he is talking slow today 😂

  21. The way the icons for the consoles are so wrong kills me

  22. Lmfao that's the ghettoist shit I've seen all day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Who in the right mind will pay $200 bucks for this? WOW!!

  24. Y’all white folks be Hating, Because Yall didn’t come up with it

  25. 😂 what a joke. For $200 i built my own video game for that crappy console.

  26. There is like no video about this bs on youtube how many devices did he sold? 5? 🤣🤣🤣

  27. Damn a pound of marijuana weigh more than that 😭😭😭😭😭

  28. I'm suprised to see the Klonoa GBA Games in the list of games as they are not well known.

  29. The background of the box looks like a rip off Playstation branding isn't that illegal

  30. Some poor kid might like the console, soulja is a good bloke, for real

  31. I mean Soulja Boy is basically doing dropshipping on a massive scale.

  32. good video man yeah it rip off any those sites including what solider boy doing also in gaming there only one way do it legal

  33. I can't knock Soulja trying an honest hustle, even if it's a bad attempt. If he were robbing/selling drugs, I'd knock him.

  34. You can literally get a pc and play these…

  35. I remember on my trips to new York city. Shops, full of shit like this. Copies and rip offs. Crap boxes, obviously fake. It was oddly fun looking at all the stuff.

  36. If it's not a ps5 or a Microsoft Xbox series x GTFOH to anybody trying to sell me a video game …hustle me not!!!!!

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