Solo Warlord Infiltrates Clan Island - Rust -

Solo Warlord Infiltrates Clan Island – Rust

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Will King Goomba carry on the legacy?
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  1. Took frost 1 month to release another movie

  2. Bro u see the 5 mf jumping down at the end x.x movie teaser

  3. After this story… you deserve a sub! Love the content, this movie was minty!!!

  4. great video brother, whats the name of the vid u made with matchbox 20 playin? shit was hype but having trouble finding it

  5. my guy 1v4's in a corner

    he be playin gun game too

  6. i’m kinda new to the game. whyd he take over the role play base and start living in it

  7. I don't comment often but i have to say Frost if you see this i love your vids. This one was amazing to watch if every creator was like you this would be a great platform i enjoy coming home from a long day of work to sit down and watch your vids. if you ever need a farmer i would also love to help be a support for parts of your wipe js anyway keep up the great work i know there is a lot of stress that comes with making a channel like yours. xoxo no homo

  8. Maaaaaaaan I didnt want it to end!! damit lol

  9. Hey when its night time and you so the night vision is that just in editing

  10. 8+ Man teams…. absolutely bullied to oblivion by one man…. it’s time too uninstall the game

  11. This whole island infiltrating story reminds me of the gta Cayo perico heist

  12. Is this staged? I'm noob but how is he able to get the cinematic sences and how come people like booprint etc. Don't use it? Just cause I've heard your content is stages and hire actors and stuff I'm not entirely sure?

  13. bro I thought you would never die, omg frost

  14. I don’t play games anymore but Frost is literally the only reason I still watch Rust fucking amazing.

  15. What we didn't know was that frost was actually trained by john wick himself ☠️

  16. why is f@g the first insult people throw out 😴 so boring

  17. It’s always the worst clans that do so much to feel safe.. had to wall off an entire island just to get completely demolished by one guy 😂 you fkn rock dude.

  18. You know why I hate rust I hate solo and second I can't play rust 😅😅😅

  19. you are a epic rust monster my god you domination you handed out to that clan and the commentary always a good day watching frosty

  20. I am getting my fist coved shot covid19 and I am 13

  21. frost your videos get better and better thanks for the great content

  22. How does this man not have a million yet. It pisses me off

  23. Whats the name of the video when Frost jumps off the cat walk thing and his partner saved him with the mini heli . I literally can't find the video I loved that scene

  24. These dudes might as well have been gun nodes considering how bad they got farmed

  25. anyone know why he always aims down sight at the ground?

  26. I have never played rust. I may now play rust. Or I will never play rust just to avoid the possibility of running into this man 😂😂 on the battlefield

  27. This was intense, i was waiting for them to kill you and the story would be over, but you just kept kicking their ass, your a weapon dude, loved every second

  28. 38:27 after watched the vid 3 times i realized that there is only 1 boat in the remake 🙁


  30. Dude you fucking RAILED those kids…holy fuck.. burying the loot and passing the torch to that random was amazing. One massive middle finger to that clan.

  31. I love this. One of the best rust movies out to date. That's saying something and the ending. The words I have a tale to tell. I love it.

  32. I'm not sure if this is Frost or John Wick.

  33. I loved this video including the new sound tracks, Passing the torch to the next guardian of the RP house

  34. I can promise you, I will be staying on this island.

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