SOLO vs TOXIC CLAN - Rust Mobile | Oxide Island of Survival -

SOLO vs TOXIC CLAN – Rust Mobile | Oxide Island of Survival

RKR Squad
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Welcome to Rust Mobile | OXIDE SOLO vs TOXIC CLAN Last Island of survival | Last day Rules gameplay!

In my solo journeys, I share awesome gameplays, and epic solo journeys about my adventures, epic raids and much more!

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  1. Me click the video 1 min ad appear me 😑🤣

  2. Add friend me "Best Player" i am pro at sniping or rpg

  3. they actualy from us3 and leaving the server because my clans already kick them instead , how ever they make a clan in us 4 but we already counter them before u raid that base as solo .. anyway they still wont be able to fight with us even we're doing that shit to them

  4. Hahaha official is my friend on oxide,and Falkonlink

  5. Coloque legenda em português também mano, iria ficar show.

  6. Esse jogo está parecendo muito quando o próprio last day lançou principalmente o gráfico das construções

  7. Official…
    I quitted sever US#4 because of him :/

    Good video

  8. Bro you know my class I going on I can't watch now bye

  9. If u wanna punish those toxics again i can help

  10. Yo I'm gajsahahahah I'm teamed with official 420 savage falcon link killlll detric it's ok

  11. i remember when i was a clan member. Our leader was a bit toxic. Furymonterzzzz, i think u dont know him. We was a neutral clan, but we got a lot of enemies.

  12. Espero ansioso pela continuação, parte 2.
    Você é muito bom jogador 👏

  13. Hello guys wassup (Khali )

    I m also in the same server preparing to raid this toxic clan but u. Did thnx buddy

  14. RKR big fan I got a clan that needs to be raid they on Us 3 and they clan name is FIRUAN and Muhammad pls raid them

  15. Hey sir can you tell me how much quality of pixels you make on kinemaster I mean which app do you use.

  16. that official almost killed me good thing i left bfore i die

  17. Keep going bro❤️😍
    The update will be before the Christmas..

  18. you make this game look fun when it really isn’t all that fun

  19. 5:21 wahh i know now what is ur name ingame. Cause its was me who killed u😂🤣🤣. Sorry bro. U lied about not playing this game in 2 days. Remember? It me Muhammad Arif 😂😂🤣🤣

  20. So… This guy makes a video promoting a game that still in alpha test without asking for any money, somehow is able to make this game interesting for more than 20 minutes, replies everyone and has 12k subs only. This is legit underrated. YOUTUBE HELLO?

  21. 😂😂you try too kill me in game

  22. Ah yes official. Still remember the slav- i mean the member was destroying my base just because i won't giving some wood for him lol.

  23. Ooo shit, I was building a house and I was scared because an Arab killed me in the back and worst of all, he stole my things XD.
    Hahahaha good avenger video 👍.

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