Solo, Duo, Trio Build - The GLADIATOR - Rust Op Base Design -

Solo, Duo, Trio Build – The GLADIATOR – Rust Op Base Design

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Are you looking for a Solo,Duo,Trio Base Design? Check out my super strong, anti-offline Rust Base. Builder’s Sanctuary code: Coming…
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Suicide Bunker Explanation:
Before you log off grab an inventory full of loot you want to keep and throw it in the drop box, now spawn in the bunker and transfer the loot. When you log on in the morning put the same loot into the transfer box and spawn inside the base. Now you have NO timers what so ever, just be sure to give the bag to whom ever is on the most. Also if the drop box gets destroyed you can replace it with a normal drop box :p
GameLightz PeekDowns:
Mini Satori External Tc’s:
–Sheet Metal–
{With Roof}
Upkeep: 35 Hqm, 5k Meatl & 2k Stone.
Build Cost: 280 Hqm, 30k Metal & 11k Stone.
{Without Roof}
Upkeep: 30 Hqm, 4k Metal & 700 Stone.
Build Cost: 280 Hqm, 26k Metal & 5k Stone.

{With Roof}
Upkeep: 130 Hqm, 5k Meatal & 2k Stone.
Build Cost: 740 Hqm, 27k Metal & 11k Stone.
{Without Roof}
Upkeep: 110 Hqm, 3.5k Metal & 700 Stone.
Build Cost: 740 Hqm, 22k Metal & 5k Stone.
00:00 Tour
00:44 Building Bunker
01:46 Starter
02:10 Expanding Loot Rooms
02:28 Foundation Snap Point
02:43 Expanding
04:12 Stability Bunkers
04:58 Twig Honeycomb
05:24 Honeycomb 1
06:08 Honeycomb 2
06:19 Honeycomb 3
06:39 Honeycomb 4
06:56 Honeycomb 5
07:30 Finishing Twig Honeycomb
08:05 Roof Structure
08:35 Roof Room Pockets
10:26 Roof Honeycomb
11:20 Roof Shooting Floor
12:32 Deployables
13:20 Vending Machine Vault
13:42 Deployables
15:14 How To Seal The Bunkers


  1. Ok… this thing's awesome. I usually hate bases where you have to build that fargin sui bunker with the box first. If I was gonna try it, this would be the one. Might as well go for broke right? Three bunkers… eat it. Solid peaks for online, considering the minimalist design.

  2. when trying out the build when i am making the shooting floor; everytime i destroy the half wall to get a floating low wall they are both destroyed, i have followed step by step in the build.
    Also, the external TC video linked isn't working either, the build exclusion zone is way too far for some reason.

  3. Is there a way you can add a top-down footprint style view of the base? So I can see the size of it on the ground to make sure I have enough room to build it.. I just tried it and ran out of space before mines 🙁

  4. Really cool concept! I love bases with unique designs, good job m8. I would incorporate external tc tho if I built it.

  5. Build your own shooting floor if you dont like mine! :p

  6. Can you make a base like this but is console compatible

  7. The cinematic style show is great (don't leave them out) but you need a natural-walk-through. The cinematics are almost always confusing to know where what is… If you include the walk-through, this will be on the same level of professionalism as an Evil Wurst build video! ←↑ Comment for algorithm + 👍 'd

    #OldManPaxus Rating: ☆☆☆☆

  8. Самый лучший бункер 💪🏼

  9. Looking ugly ass base but thats good!

  10. do u ever have a problem with ppl sanding on the front triangles in front by ur door?

  11. Мне нравится как он строит. Думаю у него есть потенциал в строительстве

  12. The top of the 1,5 heigth lootrooms can be square floor for more boxes

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