SNOWBALLING HARD w/ the MP5! (Full Wipe) - Rust -

SNOWBALLING HARD w/ the MP5! (Full Wipe) – Rust

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Resolution: 1920×1080 ♦ Rust Sens: 0.47 ♦ Fortnite Sens: 0.14 ♦ DPI: 800 ♦ FOV: 85 ♦ Internet Speed: 1000 Down and 30 Upload

Comp Specs:

Gaming PC ✪ i9-9900K @ 3.60GHz ♦ 32.00GB RAM ♦ ASUS RTX 2080 ♦ Corsair K70 ♦ Zowie EC2-A ♦ HyperX Cloud 2 ♦ Audio Technica AT2020 ♦ PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL Mixer ♦ Elgato HD60 Pro

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♪ Intro Songs ♫ Michl – Kill Our Way To Heaven
♪ Outro Song ♫ Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [NCS Release]


  1. I wish you would do more vids like this. But I understand it's a lot more editing and what not, so I see why you don't. I had to go to watching VODs where I can skip ahead, instead of watching live, because there is way too much downtime in Rust. It's like 90% sitting around waiting/crafting or running, and 10% content. And I'm not blaming content creators for that. It's just the nature of the game. Luckily that 10% content dope so it keeps people coming back.

  2. this is a sick video dave. and more than an hour of it. thank you

  3. why does the one guy sound like he on fog horn mic

  4. started losing it when you turned into megaphone dave

  5. that dude kitty uses esp+ no recoil at 18:22 had him try join my team quite some time back pure dogshit player but can sure shoot with little to no iq

  6. Phenomenal! A nice long vid for the mix was perfect. I didn't look at the time originally and I kept dreading the outro music but the insanity just kept rolling!

  7. bro, what was the music in the intro? it sounded so fricking good

  8. An hour passed like 10 minutes. thank you for video

  9. I’m so glad moussan is playing more often. Dude is so selfless and nice

  10. Your videos are of the highest quality, thanks for not diluting it with music! (:

  11. When you hold your base with a MP5, savage.

  12. loling at Dave seeing the nade at 25:10 then proceeding to jump on it 😂

  13. 42:10 It looks like u locked on someone trough the box on the car.Kinda fishy if u ask me.

  14. He literally joins a server, impoverishes everyone around him, then logs

  15. That huge clapped base with no storage room and no organization was triggering me so hard

  16. Bro no way you guys raided the dudes that just failed to raid you LOL that's fucking awesome sick wipe

  17. Bchillz the horde killer. you are like thw guy like world war z game lol. All your team die and you survive until the end

  18. the hatch doesn't work because your… object detail? is too low (or something else is too low, same thing happened to me)

    it happens with some skins and it also happens just normally

    facepunch needs to fix it

  19. Dave using modded legacy hack still. To many headshots 😝

  20. ___v̶v̶øl̶f̶w̶e̶r̶b̶l̶o̶ød̶s̶ ___ XXXII says:

    Man that looks like a cold war out there if it ever happened.. to begin'ed..,

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