Simple SOLO Base Design - Rust Base Building 2021 -

Simple SOLO Base Design – Rust Base Building 2021

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★Builder’s Sanctuary code S81WQM

• Base cost
Stone 20k
Metal 19.3k
HQM 106

(All deployables included)

• Upkeep
Stone 3.7k
Metal 3.5k
HQM 21

💥Raid cost – (𝙄𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙠𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙚𝙭𝙖𝙘𝙩 𝙥𝙖𝙩𝙝) -To TC
Raiding through doors – 30 rockets
Raiding through walls (tc side) – 23 rockets
Raiding top down – 47 rockets
Cheapest route I found – 20 rockets

0:00​​​ Intro
0:47 Tour
2:38​​ Build cost
2:52 Phase 1
4:00​​​ Phase 2
5:34​​ Phase 3
6:34​​ Phase 4
8:34 Phase 5
9:41 Phase 6
11:57 Phase 7
12:53 Outro

★Music used in this video
Singularity – Harris Heller
Nostalgia – Harris Heller
Radiant Vibes – Harris Heller
Aurora – Harris Heller
Dippin’ – Harris Heller
Sarah Tonin – Harris Heller



  1. Just found you and love the vid. Great to not have someone speed through the build to the point where you have to stop it and rewind 100 times for a small build 😀
    Only thing I'd like to see would be how many rockets it takes to raid it.

  2. I'm gonna build that and you earned a sub

  3. This water sprinkle tips, you're genius :p, but why use mix half and low wall to cover the first stage?

  4. Hey Faded, I tried building this and had trouble building the rooves for the shooting floor it would say not enough space I tried removing stuff around/near it to get rid of this error do you know what might be causing this or maybe the latest patch idk but any help would be appreciated because I really like this design and wanna have the same shooting floor.

  5. Can you please show us the electricity cuz im noob at it. Thanks

  6. I like this base do you have a duo base or 8 guy

  7. All fun and games until people ladder up and waits for you to open that garage door

  8. How to have the kandles ? Good job btw

  9. Hey, love the new base im def gonna build it this wipe! just one thing – could you show how to set up the electricity for the turrets. Anyway nice video!

  10. Love the base, but can you show tutorial to the electric stuff? i dont know anything about electric in rust.

  11. Hey Faded. Love this base and using it this wipe. One thing I've found when doing the finishing touches is that it wont let me put the triangle ladder hatch in. I've put the frame in, but then it just wont let me add the hatch. There is 100% nothing blocking it as far as I can tell (I moved the small furnace out the way etc. Any ideas?

  12. I don't use many YT bases, but I like this one.. .well done.

  13. So i don't comment much on YouTube, it takes a lot but bro but… you changed my game. You could slow down a touch if i had to give some criticism but besides that .. perfect

  14. testing on a build server and can't seem to reach the furnace by the TC when boxes are placed like you do in phase 1. anyone else experience this?

  15. I really like this base design and I will use it next wipe. The only thing I would add is you need to up to metal a door frame where the bunker is and sheet metal door. In stone it’s it’s easy to raid and then nade the wooden part of bunker. I would also rotate soft sides on walls on bunker cuz it’s ez to jackhammer em considering workbench is available for raiders. Overall I really like the vid and design cheers

  16. i need help realy bad. at 10:23 it wont let me place the roof triangle
    like the option to put it there is just not here (btw I'm building this on the 16th of june)

  17. Idk why but I can’t place the ramp for the shooting floor no matter what I try to do

  18. can you show how to make a compound out of this??

  19. this base was very good, I built it, but I don't know why in the bunker part I can't put the triangular hatch and it's not because the frame is missing I checked it and I just couldn't put it, does anyone know why?

  20. Cool base but does the stone roof honeycomb do anything?

  21. Giving this a shot in a build server and I'm having trouble placing some of the sloped roof pieces for the shooting floor. Any ideas why they won't place?

  22. Nice, You probably got nakeds stuck in their base with that sprinkler LMFAO

  23. This is actually the first solo base i can see myself using.
    and that says a lot.

  24. You're missing a bunch of valuable space in the honeycomb. Great to throw furnaces, Workbench, and fridge into. Plus you can do the "fake TC" in one of them.

  25. why would you put the turret switch right next to the turret now it is only 1 rocket opposed to 3

  26. Just a question. How do i do with the garage doors for the turret

  27. How do I get into the furnace next to tc with boxes in the way?

  28. hey Faded, I am building this base rn and love the vid. I have encountered a problem, the roof peek will not place (the one above by the front door). I can not get the build prompt from underneath on the twig as in the vid. I can get a prompt from off to the side up on top of the roof, but when given the blue twig prompt to build it, it says line of site blocked. Any fix?

  29. It doesnt let me place the triangle roof to close the bunker. Why?

  30. ON phase 1 u skipped a whole part i dont know how to do that

  31. This is an amazing design can’t wait to hop on rn and try it out

  32. What are those things called that u used to go up to the top in phase 2 ? I would appreciate it if u let me know

  33. When u build this on console and realize there’s no triangle roof yet

  34. It would be great if there were detailed instructions on how to connect electricity to the turret and make the door open every few seconds.

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