Shwabadi Reacts to Rust vs. Minecraft - Video Game Rap Battle -

Shwabadi Reacts to Rust vs. Minecraft – Video Game Rap Battle

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Shwabadi reacts to rust vs minecraft – video game rap battle
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  1. You got no backbone if you've gotta cheat down to the bone

  2. This gives a flashback to minecraft vs ronlox and minecraft bs terria

  3. I almost missed this video!! Thanks yt for not givving me the notification 🙁

    You got no backbone

  4. Cool amount of dislikes

    Lol like if u made it this down

  5. You got no back bone 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴….. My spineeeee…. Shit….. I broke it after listening to the song

  6. Yo my guy react on Levle 0 Alucard rap from daddyphatsnaps

  7. ya got no back bone. love shwabs content bro

  8. You got no backbone , rust took it for me by a slight margin!

  9. ya got no backbone… honestly i wouldn't have minded if you reacted to Cams sponsor segment

  10. You got no backbone if u dont subscribe to shwab, vgrb, and mat

  11. Leavin' em all in a Black Hole
    No Back Bone
    Let my hands speak for me – Smacc Talk
    Writing this was hard as Dark Souls
    This comment was sponsored by RhymeZone, not Back Bone
    I have too much time on my Hand Bone
    I really do hope this Pays Off

    smooches for the homies

    you the real one shwab

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