Shwabadi Reacts to Rust vs. Minecraft - Video Game Rap Battle -

Shwabadi Reacts to Rust vs. Minecraft – Video Game Rap Battle

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Shwabadi reacts to rust vs minecraft – video game rap battle
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  1. You got no backbone
    (neither do I cause I ain't having a I phone)
    Yeah for me it's a 1 to 1 as well but due to the fact that the second round was way closer I gave it to rust like a slight edge and with that its like 1.5 to 1 for rust

  2. you got no back bone
    i tried for a clever comment to use with that but just decided nah
    two geniuses in the nerdcore industry Cam and Mat4yo
    Shwabadi will they come back for another lyrical miracle challenge?

  3. To the people who haven't subscribed to VGRB yet, I have one thing to say "You got no Backbone."

  4. Actually u are close I'm pretty sure it is C418

  5. Rust took that one ngl I guess Minecraft, you got no backbone!

  6. You got no backbone good sir, also Im dying from that ending with the ad!! LMAOOO

  7. You got no backbone. Great battle, Rust put up way more of a fight then I thought.

  8. Check out his Minecraft vs Roblox! That one is fking dope ngl…

  9. You got no backbone
    This rap is fire 🔥 💀

  10. You got no back bone, 3 rounds for rap battles would make deciding easier especially when both parties do such a good job 🙂

  11. When you got no backbone
    The tracks gone
    Then you realize.. it's a tie?!?!

  12. Leavin' em all in a Black Hole
    No Back Bone
    Let my hands speak for me – Smacc Talk
    Writing this was hard as Dark Souls
    This comment was sponsored by RhymeZone, not Back Bone
    I have too much time on my Hand Bone
    I really do hope this Pays Off

    smooches for the homies

    you the real one shwab

  13. You got no backbone if u dont subscribe to shwab, vgrb, and mat

  14. ya got no backbone… honestly i wouldn't have minded if you reacted to Cams sponsor segment

  15. You got no backbone , rust took it for me by a slight margin!

  16. ya got no back bone. love shwabs content bro

  17. Yo my guy react on Levle 0 Alucard rap from daddyphatsnaps

  18. You got no back bone 🦴🦴🦴🦴🦴….. My spineeeee…. Shit….. I broke it after listening to the song

  19. Cool amount of dislikes

    Lol like if u made it this down

  20. I almost missed this video!! Thanks yt for not givving me the notification 🙁

    You got no backbone

  21. This gives a flashback to minecraft vs ronlox and minecraft bs terria

  22. You got no backbone if you've gotta cheat down to the bone

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