Seedi Video Game Console Scam Exposed! -

Seedi Video Game Console Scam Exposed!

Smash JT
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Old school video game players are in heaven these days with clone consoles allowing different ways to play retro games coming out a nearly annual basis. Smash JT investigates the Indigogo project “Seedi”, and why this one stands out as beyond fishy. This console is simply a RetrOrangePi connected to an external CD drive using “freeware” to run emulators that are also freely available.
Beyond the possible legal ramifications and zero guarantees of this product actually shipping to you (even if you have paid money!), there is also the problem of RetroArch not supporting the decision to sell this software on this platform, creating a possible gap in technical support when things go wrong.
You’ve been warned! What are your thoughts on the Seedi?


  1. Metal Jesus rocks did a review on this and it seems he was not told to hide anything and he also had permission to do a full review and even open the thing up… so calling it a scam is void and mute since the hardware and software of the system was not hidden from the public

  2. You think buying 6+systems original hardware, games, controllers is going to be cheaper? You sound stupid. A snes go for 40-50.

  3. So they gives a Pi, a SD card, a power adapter, a drive, a case , a controller, a stand and program the dam thing.
    Sound like a pretty good deal to me, not a scam. Light years ahead of China knock offs and lot less shady

  4. Retroarch is licensed under the GPL, which explicitly allows commercial use. It is Free Software, as in speech, not free as in beer.

    You have no idea what you're talking about.

  5. wile you raise some good points, but god dam, structure and script out your videos better. It takes you 5 minutes to basically say 'the OS is kinda shady and there are cheaper options' and you keep repeating words like 'shady' and 'red flags' without just stating the information.

    It's a pain to listen too.

  6. THE OG XBOX HAS been emulating CD based games for decades.. you can take a Sega CD disc put it in a modded original Xbox and play it. The original Xbox was able to do this stuff years ago and everyone thinks like it's brand new. It can do Sega CD TurboGrafx CD 3DO and more. And it was able to do this 10 years ago. Your best emulation station is an original Modded Xbox

  7. What do you mean "They don't even have a prototype!"… You even referenced two people who reviewed and opened one… >:/

  8. It has become cliche to stack a bunch of gaming stuff behind you to keep your viewers attention

  9. Literally saw a laptop with 2gb Ram 500gb hard drive for $75 at a Pawn Shop

  10. For 110 bucks I could build a computer with used parts running windows 10 every single emulator known to man as well as actual modern games at full hd resolution, that is a thousand times as capable as this.
    And if you can't, you're probably not savvy enough to use this "console" in the first place

  11. Retro Arch is Free not as in price (uest it has no cost too) but as in freedom. (see the definition of Free software vs the definition of Freeware)
    they may not endorse, but they arent violating retro arch code licence, if they use the BRAND retro arch, that is an violation of trade mark and if they use ilegal bios they are violating the copyright of the respective bios owners, but other than that its not ilegal.

  12. You should look on youtube. About the ( Tiger Stream ) Same situation. The unit cost $450.00 . All it is is Kodi on it. Buy a Amazon fire stick for $20.00 and accomplish the same goal. Kodi is free software, why is the Tiger Stream $450?

  13. technically any chip manufactured is a package deal…so theyre not out of line to make a system out of open source hardware…it would be ideal if theyre end product is a purpose built board which would explain the fund raiser to send the funds for printing boards and cases….worse technically you are more out of line to suggest jail breaking a console and using systems for piracy purposes….though admittedly most engaged in this kind of machine would likely be anyways…

  14. For 29bucks I bought a bare bones3.0 gigahertz doul core processor with two 800 megahertze gig a piece match low lagncy talent ram and motherboard that I swapt in my case runs every mane gameever dos games crysis at max video from a 9800gtx+ that blows this crap system.ebays your freand.this crap system cat run allfames max speed.

  15. Seems like you are overly critical about this. You going off of a beta system, I'm sure they are trying to workout the issues. It's nice and convient, if it's truly plug and okay what is the problem? Not everyone wants to make thier own systems.

  16. First, Thank you for this video. I was contemplating purchasing one. I don't think the price tag is really that bad, if it could do all they say it can. However, using someone else's work…nope. This smells like a cash grab to me. Lastly, they are saying it could one day play Sega Saturn games…not likely.

  17. Using open source is not shady at all, the fact they told you about it and even provided a link so you could download it yourself is actually the most ethical and correct thing to do. Most larger companies do the same thing, but bury the info and link in a mountain of text. So that is not an issue at all. My only concern is the CHIP like computer system they are using to run it, 512megs of ram? Really? $2 more per unit and they'd have a 800mhz faster CPU and 2 gigs of ram to play with. Just seems like an odd choice to use such an old ARM processor with an ancient 3D accelerator. Sure the systems they are emulating are old and they might get away with it, but I'd personally prefer them to have a bit more wiggle room on performance potential than the console running at full tilt 100% of the time.

  18. This seems very hyperbolic to me. Ok, so this is one of the Raspberry Pi variants with a CD attached and a custom operating system installed. Maybe they are ripping people off in terms of how much they are charging but my understanding was that the Raspberry Pi was a very well designed and well-built piece of kit. From the clips, you showed it doesn't look like they're doing a whole lot of modifications so there probably won't be much in the way of hardware issues.

    So, yea, I think you would have had a stronger argument if you'd gone with the "they're ripping you off" path and maybe gone into how much this stuff costs. Because not knowing the price, this thing looks kind of cool to me.

  19. The project is shit, but isn't retroarch under GPL? I'm tired of people thinking free software can't be forked and sold, it's like they don't know the basics of what GPL is. BTW: if you have a smartphone you just paid for free software, exactly what those devs are doing.

  20. Everything you just stated that you hate about it, them taking parts someone else made, using software someone else made, putting it in a case someone else made and running games someone else made… you just described every PC ever made, so care to try again?

  21. I love that they call the console 'Seedi". Seedy indeed. I think that might have been a red flag on it's own.

  22. Hey, they are not doing it legally. Many of the cores in RetroArch have none commercial licenses. Meaning it is illegal for people to sell it like this. That's why retroarch will not support it.

  23. Its in the name, dont trust it, its seedi xD

  24. Gosh MetalJesus' video was at least ten times better than this here. Of course you can get a Pi and a disk drive yourself and spend at least a weekend to figure out how to configure the drive, retro arch, the emulators etc. I have done this myself and found it not fun. So here you pay a premium to get a preconfigured working system at a reasonable price.

  25. Seedi? The name seems a little ….Seedi? Anyone? Anyone? Buller?…Buller?

  26. I think people would buy the Seedi just for the convenience of it,
    maybe some people are too lazy to DIY, maybe they're just clueless, maybe they're both?

    They probably don't want to go through the effort of putting a working system together,
    you could also say the same thing with in-app purchases, some people just don't want to work for it and rather buy their fun.

  27. Raspberry Pi already has an HDMI jack…soo…yeah this is pointless.

  28. I don't like Seedi, however Retro Arch is GPL, it doesn't matter if they endorse it or not. As long as the Seedi jackholes post any modifications they made to the code on their site for anyone that buys the system to download freely, they can use it as much as they want and charge as much money as they want for it. That's how free Software (libre, not gratis) works.

  29. Correct me if I'm wrong. Aren't the Calico Chameleon and Retro VGS two diff things?

  30. Your point is all written in the system's name–Seedy

  31. The pi boards are soc's that come with premade linux spins available. Optimizing the linux spin to act just so takes time and effort. Including a custom case is worth some too. Probably not worth the whole difference of cost of parts under price of product but scam seems a bit harsh of a word. With out comparing their linux spin, with emulator integration, to the one from the vendor we don't know how much work has gone into this project. Getting the same soc that they are already using on a custom pcb in bulk is cheap and easy btw.

  32. I would not donate. but if this comes out. I would buy it. I have a ton of sega cd games and neo cds. my disc players are getting old and I don't want to touch them anymore. downloading roms are illegal and is also shady. So who cares how SEEDI is doing it. I dont have time for making my own system and printing a 3d cam shell. 3d printers are too much. but this option would work for the physical copies I own. Unless someone wants to make me one with a cam shell. I got money!

  33. It's not "shady" it's seedy.

  34. SCAM EXPOSED!!!11oneone "It's simply a RetrOrangePi" – Yes and a computer is simply a motherboard with a CPU, GPU, Memory & In/Out connections, so with that logic we should all stop buying computers from Best Buy and instead assemble them ourselves since it's just a bunch of commonly purchasable electronic parts. The RaspberryPi community sure is toxic whenever anyone tries to make a business for themselves utilizing this hardware to create and sell products in a free market

  35. Anyone who is into single board computers knew this was using an Orange Pi. They didn't hide it and I'm not shocked that they are using an SBC. I personally don't need this as I have many SBC's that can run disc basic games good but I don't think this is shady. I might have to make one of these with my Asus Tinker board.

    'Why not just buy a laptop' You could use that on anything like "Why buy a RPi for emulation or kodi when you can run it on a laptop."

    The price I think is too much and they should change the UI look but people hating on this some of your reasons are bullshit and hypocritical. What do you think the NES and SNES mini are doing.

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