Seedi Video Game Console Scam Exposed! -

Seedi Video Game Console Scam Exposed!

Smash JT
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Old school video game players are in heaven these days with clone consoles allowing different ways to play retro games coming out a nearly annual basis. Smash JT investigates the Indigogo project “Seedi”, and why this one stands out as beyond fishy. This console is simply a RetrOrangePi connected to an external CD drive using “freeware” to run emulators that are also freely available.
Beyond the possible legal ramifications and zero guarantees of this product actually shipping to you (even if you have paid money!), there is also the problem of RetroArch not supporting the decision to sell this software on this platform, creating a possible gap in technical support when things go wrong.
You’ve been warned! What are your thoughts on the Seedi?


  1. Just buy a PSP2000 or 3000 and mod it…..then load all the emulators/roms you want…….it'd cost you anywhere from $25-$65, and it'd be portable to use on the go.

  2. Those third party DS3 controllers are junk, the joystick only register 8 directions. Never buy them!

  3. While I agree with many of the points you make, the video is a tad clickbaity

  4. Fairy dust & magic beans consoles!

  5. they are misleading people by saying they are the engineers behind everything . they just put altogether with a layer of special code and a nice enclosure. The price ? close to the price if someone want to by it by parts including the enclosure

  6. $50 in parts then $50 for someone else to put it together and set it up and you can clearly upgrade hardware it you want. Also Cutting out the Chinese sweat shop labor. I'm sorry but if you can't see some value in that your in this biz for the wrong reason. 1 not every one has the time and the know how to put one together. 2 Do you really think people are going to waste a laptop just to play dodgy emulator games. This is home brew tech based on a low end proto board not the latest and lamest polished tablet turd from China rebranded and repacked as a console that only plays add infested play store games very poorly and the YouTube app. The only thing I'm not buying is your crap. Your about as geek and forward thinking as a hipster Geek Chic morons who loves star trek because of the light sabers and the aluminum falcon.

  7. Leave credits for the end of the video.

  8. using retro arch is not gray legally since its gplv3 -_- get all the facts still

  9. RetroArch releases their code as open source for a reason. Nobody needs their endorsement to modify the code. RetroArch itself is built on top of OTHER PEOPLES WORK and they CANNOT remove the open source license, so their "feelings" about it are hypocritical and childish.

  10. Dude wtf you want? this is a good idea, needs our support to make it grow! you are just sitting on your ass, doing nothing and now you are just harming this great project! damn, what is wrong with people nowdays!

  11. From 6:35 you are explaining what this guys are doing for 110 bucks, anyone who thinks this is not a GREAT price must have his head up his ass . . . for 110 bucks this is a GREAT deal!

  12. I knew this was a piece of shit too many promises. There's not even £30 of hardware in it 😋 great review and I subscribed to you 😋😋😋😋……Kim

  13. How many consoles do you have ?i will subscribe if you answer me.

  14. Shut up this console is gonna be as cool as mighty no. 9.. wait…

  15. You could make one for way less than they expect you to pay. An Orange pi is about as cheap as a new blu ray movie same for a external dvd drive a quick google search will get you retro arch and all the bios files you could ever possibly want then get your games dusted off for some major fun.

  16. Agreed. The Hyperkin also just stole parts of the software with their Retron 5 and make profit out of it. People could easily set up these things themselves, projects like Seedi or Retron consoles should not take profit without the endorsement of the RetroArch community.

  17. Dude most emulators are open source anyway!? I would personally build my own. Also Retrocon already has all of the ROMs built in so it isn't ripping the cart it is just identifying which ROM to run.

  18. screw it im switching that device to slave multi drive mode instead.

  19. The original Xbox is also a gem when it comes to emulators. They require some work, but the consoles themselves are really cheap. The modchips for it have also gone down in price significantly, but softmodding is also possible with older models. There's even a ps1 emulator for it.

  20. Further proof that crowdfunding is a scam from the very beginning.

  21. So it's a raspberry pi with a slimline usb cd rom glued to it. So…$30 worth of hardware and a couple of hours of installation and you'd have one yourself. Why won't PS2 run? Most likely because the basic Pi they'll be putting in won't be powerful enough.

  22. I guess you could call these "developers"…Seedy?

  23. After 100hr+ trying to get my CD image's to run with close to 100 different emulators & 8 consoles via 256bit high end 2000 core card the cost of this is FAIR it plays EVERYTHING but neogeo discs even at 1990s minimum wage this will save even a tech professional alot of time.

  24. Please stop saying literally every 30 seconds.

  25. 7:11 WOW, they even address the pi situation in their Gogo page. Perfect name though. Seedy is exactly what I thought.

  26. Never heard of the Seedi, but it's a bit weird to have you talk about the dubious legality of it all as a downside, then suggest people just "buy a laptop" or "jailbreak your wii", both pretty obviously illegal ways to play these games.

  27. You are ridiculous! I don’t recall the guys behind this ever saying it was anything else than what it was. Fact is, if you believed it was anything else than a single board computer inside to begin with, the joke is on you. What made me interested in this product to begin with is that the software was modified to run actual discs. I love RetroArch, but it can run actual discs. Yes, it would be cheaper to build one yourself, but your still left with the issue of it getting to run discs, and not everyone is a programmer.
    $110 was more than reasonable for this setup.

  28. okay so a hundred and twenty bucks is not that much money by the time you buy the CD ROM drive the Raspberry Pi download all the software fight with it to get it to work make a case to house everything I can promise you you'll be in that way more than a hundred and twenty bucks in your own time alone I think this is a nice thing that people are doing Plug and Play your old games old consoles are failing the Chinese capacitors in them are failing their brushed motors are worn out

  29. Do you not see that the frontend isn't even Retroarch, it's Kodi….

  30. 6:29 If you really think about it, windows computers are literally the same thing you're talking about

  31. Ive coded some of the parts of some of the emulators there using this crap allways piss me. most is GPL code just stealing

  32. Well from all of this we can at least take a nice idea for simple DIY xD

  33. It would be a great name for a Mike Kennedy project wouldn’t it!!

  34. Seedi. seed. i. see .d .i cdi oh god

  35. The best retro emulation system in 2019 is a hacked PS classic mini (for 25$) . Easy to setup even for a casual like me. We can even play Nintendo DS games on it.

  36. Just the console name alone should raise red flag. Seedi

  37. Will I have a computer and some of those games are hard to run from a disc when using retroarch

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