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“Like minecraft with fps graphics” – game informer


  1. 3:55 is really straight out of a war movie,
    Dunkey in shock that Shrek is dead, him exclaiming his leg broke and desperately calling out to B-Nuts.
    What a fantastic video

  2. these are the videotitles we need not those capslock clickbait fucks

  3. Plot twist: all the 6 million subscribers are actually nonono guy's accounts

  4. 1:45 There is a joke on the in-game chat right here that's funny af!! LMAO

  5. please dooo another rust for the love of donkey kong

  6. Simultaneously the best and most disappointing game you've ever played. It's cheaper than meth but will ruin your life just the same.
    500 hrs per record

  7. This is like, taco time at Ross Geller’s house

  8. I'm just gonna do everyone a favor and timestamp the parts where the NONONO guy shows up: 1:58 and 8:18

  9. Fucking Donningan. Who he thinks he is killing Dunkey?

  10. so no one is talking about Edward Snowden at the start of the vid

  11. fuck me i miss rust legacy.. used to get so excited to get off school and work on my base with my buddy. good times man

  12. This games community is the most fucked up i ever came across
    Not a single time i coudl play it without some assholes runing everything

    And i was stupid enough to be aearly access supporter

    Never again 😉

  13. I found this video by just typing dunkey north korea

  14. R.I.P. RawMetalLF 2014 – 2021

  15. Console Rust wishes it looked this good.

  16. this is definitely still the best video on the channel.

  17. Holy shit this looks like an entirely different game from modern Rust

  18. Don't take it out on my tribe – dunkey a true leader

  19. The guy that gave dunkey the gun wasn't even the same guy that killed him, lol. just a fan, brutal

  20. It's wild watching him miss all over the place knowing how good he ends up getting in fps games later. I mean we've seen his valorant clips.

  21. Sad that we haven't seen another masterpiece produced by Cliff Clinton since

  22. 1:37 Dunkey sounds like an African American gangster in the summer 90s in front of an enemy gang.

  23. holy crap this is what rust looks like 7 years ago? damn

  24. I swear to god that last scene deserves a cinema award for best picture.

    "you can't kill me I brought my die move."


    "yeah? well its a good thing I brought my kill move."

    Vice City theme to credits

  25. Watching this video after going on the OTV rust server and seeing the differences is like going back in time to watch the cavemen

  26. i don't know what this is, but i'm adding this to my lesson plans tomorrow. i think.

  27. In his pursuit for revenge, he became the very thing he despised: the machine gun man.

  28. The ultimate troll by the "no-no-no" guy would be if he started acting normally, joined into your group, then an hour later revealed his true self to you.

  29. F in the chat for Shrek, his legacy will live on forever in our hearts

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