Rust ZERG Movie | Back to Back 300 Rocket Raid Defenses with OT | Vital Main -

Rust ZERG Movie | Back to Back 300 Rocket Raid Defenses with OT | Vital Main

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Zerg wipe progression from Vital Main with OT. A CRAZY wipe to say the least. Enjoy.

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Sponsor: (0:00)
Spawning in: (0:45)
Taking rig: (1:38)
Depo + Base Check: (2:30)
Cards + Heavies: (3:30)
Depo + Base Progression: (5:16)
Scouting + Raid Prep: (7:27)
Raiding YG: (8:02)
Raiding VEGA: (14:45)
Smaller Raids: (18:45)
Raid Defense 1: (25:09)
Raid Defense 2: (29:41)
Roams: (35:02)

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  1. You sir have my sub 🔥 amazing content

  2. I wish every zerg progression video was like this

  3. Waiting for the day dingling uses the song OT boppin…

  4. This reminds me of old rust before TC’s insanely big clans, bases and raids, dirt mcgurt and destiny, cool content

  5. The music a little loud and obnoxious but great video otherwise

  6. Great content! You have your squad tuned nicely!

  7. Any one know how to join zergs or where to find them

  8. Honestly the video didn’t get as much credit as it deserves, fukin hangin bud mate 🤞

  9. This is like Blooprint content almost keep it up. Only thing is out your mic volume a little up. Then its PERFECT. LOVE EVERYTHING KEEP IT UP 😀

  10. How is the loot respawning suddenly was he just staying inside the card room?

  11. You guys where fuelled up on COPIUM for those raids after YG 🤣

  12. How is there a recycler on rig? I thought they removed it.

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