Rust Tutorial: How to Improve Your Aim (INTERMEDIATE) -

Rust Tutorial: How to Improve Your Aim (INTERMEDIATE)

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In this rust tutorials video, I will be teaching you how to improve your aim through simple techniques and game mechanics. Special thanks to SANDR for some audio editing.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that crouching helped so much 🙂 Thanks for the tips

  2. Awesome video man! keep up the good work !!!!!

  3. nice rust video Jfarr! just gave u a thumbs up! also if u had some time could u check out my recent video and let me know what you think. feedback from a rust player like you would be awesome thanks alot 😀 ?<3

  4. Do not disregard ping when joining a server. It will be a very different experience than with low ping.

  5. this is purely 10/10 man like seriously this is soo kinky mann goddamnmnnnnnnnnn. If i was ur media or grpahics teacher id give you an a++ man, this was so wet dude keep the kinkiness up.

  6. Missing rust so much dude loving the content, wish i could play it soon

  7. The amount of work you put in these videos man. I'm a youtuber myself but not on this account and i know the struggle, keep up the good & hard work!

  8. Nice 🙂 Good vid so far ur the only one who explains fully crouch and walking – when other ppl just say crouch to have ur recoil lower but if u walk its no difrence rly then 🙂 Liked sub i hope u get good whit ur chanel

  9. I have a problem with bolt now since the new hitscan update i have played alot of battlefield but still i cant hit with bolt i cant trust my aim anymore. I dont know what to do. Anyone have any tips?

  10. thanks, i just lost a pump shotgun, semi pistol, a bolt, and a semi auto because i paniced while shooting

  11. Thx so much dude! i easily watched 20+ videos and this one helped the most!!! :)))


  13. Great tips mate really helped me 😀

  14. thx so much for this but did you cover bullet drop

  15. great tips, but staying calm in the real servers will take some time. Specially if you are a solo

  16. How can I get food when I only have 25-30 fps?

  17. panicking is the biggest issue for me sadly :/ i just got the game recently the fact is when i see someone else with a gun i freak out i feel like my heart is gonna blow off because for excample a ak is very hard too make it takes 2-3 hours for me too find the right resources and craft it and thinking someone else just kılls you and takes your rifle its horrifying me i have now 40 hours playtime but still i couldnt kill someone fully equipped yet they just kill me and take all my stuff all the time 🙁

  18. Dude Thanks for the tutorials I really appreciate it. They have helped me a ton while playing.

  19. He says stay calm, but when I'm on a modded server I am always calm, because I know I am going to get the guns back with the click of a button, on an actual server I start to panic because I don't want to lose my gun for good

  20. I have the panic problem. I have 250 hours on the dot right now and sometimes, only sometimes when I get in a fight my heart feels like its gonna explode, my hands get really shaky and once got so bad my mouse was going everywhere and i could even see what i was looking at.

  21. I hope my hands are up for the practice. I was also instructed by a friend to turn my mouse sensitivity in game all the way up, and I think it's helped. I didn't land any hits yet cause I only just did this last night, but I noticed that despite the fact that the guy was behind cover, I was at least hitting spots where he would have been hit had he not been behind cover. So, progress.

  22. Thank you bro I legit hadn't hit a bullet for 107 hours and as soon as I watched this I rarely miss

  23. Wow your vídeos are very good, I'm impressed, you should have more subscribers 🙂

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