Rust Trailer - 2017 (Official) -

Rust Trailer – 2017 (Official)

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I first created this as a fan-made trailer now it is Official!

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Starting the year off with a bang. Been working on this for a while and finally got the chance to finish it.

Big thanks to BruntForceTrauma for letting me use their server to record!

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  1. *waste hours of your life *cry when fukedumum2002 offlines you

  2. Awesome video. Brings me back a bit.

    It might be time for a new trailer! 🙂

    Also, im humbled to comment amonst the OGs of Rust. This comment section is like the who's who of Rust. <3

  3. I reckon you should do a remake with all the new shit but wait for hdrp thing

  4. Whileyouwerereadingthismynamestoleyourbananacake says:

    Dude I would really want to be rich and play rust 7 days a week 10 hours a day.

  5. I thought he was gonna do like a players view of rust beginning lol

  6. Why are people so in to this game????

  7. graphics horrible lol, need new trailer now, the game is totally different.

  8. Dilemma, Wich game Should I buy on PC. Rust – DayZ Wich I have on xbox or DEADSIDE.


  9. well if its official then facepunch should develop it that way… trailer said your next week and you had crossbows, eoka … well in reality only 8hours max and people have HQM bases and rockets this is false advertising

  10. How times have changed, I miss this time

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