Rust Trailer - 2017 (Official) -

Rust Trailer – 2017 (Official)

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I first created this as a fan-made trailer now it is Official!

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Starting the year off with a bang. Been working on this for a while and finally got the chance to finish it.

Big thanks to BruntForceTrauma for letting me use their server to record!

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  1. "massive caves…." let's calm tf down there lol

  2. Why do you add naked people if your gonna blur them

  3. would be a fun game without all the guns. Would be fun if people didnt shoot you on sight. Even if you are naked unarmed you get shoot.

  4. Damn 2020 and I’m watching this 👁👄👁 I love this game man and I like that peeeenn……. nut I like that peenut in the game 🗿

  5. One thing. Shooting the horse was screwed tf up.

  6. This gives me nostalgia and makes me wanna play some rust

  7. The music totally wrecks this otherwise great trailer

  8. Let’s get one thing straight…. the updates and even rust itself is not the cause of toxicity.

    It’s due to the fact America has changed and no child is disciplined now days. They do whatever they want and their toxic bratty behavior leaks into the game. Blame political correct snowflakes for the degradation of our generations.

    Morals and virtues have gone down the toilet. That’s the cause of the overwhelming toxic nature of rust.

    If fort nite was open mic it would be the same exact thing.
    The most toxic thing you can do in fort nite is insta kill a downed enemy without chance of revival and we all know that happens 24/7 without fail.

  9. Я посмотрел его только в 2021 😀

  10. This types of game would be more fun if they have 5-6 different unique regions, one with a giant creature roaming around, another one covered by ocean entirely every so often, so each region get its own experts, none of the regions has normal regular environment lands; Or everyone gets in car-cities, with giant continent map, and fight each other or trade resources.

  11. they really let someone w a penis banner be in the trailer. amazing.

  12. Its like a combination of fallout 4 and ark survival, this is something I would like

  13. It’s literally Ark survival world and Raft and a realistic minecraft all in one.

  14. Hmm. This is a lot like Conan Exiles. And not just because of the nudity.

  15. How times have changed, I miss this time

  16. well if its official then facepunch should develop it that way… trailer said your next week and you had crossbows, eoka … well in reality only 8hours max and people have HQM bases and rockets this is false advertising

  17. Dilemma, Wich game Should I buy on PC. Rust – DayZ Wich I have on xbox or DEADSIDE.


  18. graphics horrible lol, need new trailer now, the game is totally different.

  19. Why are people so in to this game????

  20. I thought he was gonna do like a players view of rust beginning lol

  21. Whileyouwerereadingthismynamestoleyourbananacake says:

    Dude I would really want to be rich and play rust 7 days a week 10 hours a day.

  22. I reckon you should do a remake with all the new shit but wait for hdrp thing

  23. Awesome video. Brings me back a bit.

    It might be time for a new trailer! 🙂

    Also, im humbled to comment amonst the OGs of Rust. This comment section is like the who's who of Rust. <3

  24. *waste hours of your life *cry when fukedumum2002 offlines you

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